11 Facts About Vienna Secession


Vienna Secession is an art movement, closely related to Art Nouveau, that was formed in 1897 by a group of Austrian painters, graphic artists, sculptors and architects, including Josef Hoffman, Koloman Moser, Otto Wagner and Gustav Klimt.

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Vienna Secession was founded on 3 April 1897 by artist Gustav Klimt, designer Koloman Moser, architects Josef Hoffmann and Joseph Maria Olbrich, Max Kurzweil, Wilhelm Bernatzik and others.

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The goals of the new movement in Vienna Secession were expressed by the literary critic Hermann Bahr in the first issue of the new journal begun by the group, called Ver Sacrum.

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At the beginning, the Vienna Secession had fifty members, and at its first elected the painter Gustav Klimt as its president.

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Vienna Secession continued to function after the departure of Klimt, Hoffmann, Wagner and their supporters, giving regular exhibitions in the Vienna Secession building, but they lacked the originality and excitement of the earlier period.

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Under the regime of the Nazi Party the Vienna Secession building was destroyed as a symbol of degenerate art, but was faithfully reconstructed following World War II.

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Vienna Secession was elected President of the Secession from 1948 to 1950.

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The Vienna Secession continues to function today, holding regular exhibitions in the Vienna Secession Hall.

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Vienna Secession's best-known building, the Palais Stoclet in Brussels, had a tower of stacked cubic forms, minimum ornament on the facade, and an interior of right angles and geometric designs.

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Vienna Secession influenced the Polish movement Mloda Polska, that was inclusive of other than Art Nouveau artistic styles and encompassed a broader approach to art, literature, and lifestyle.

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Vienna Secession movement was selected as the theme for an Austrian commemorative coin: the 100 euro Vienna Secession commemorative coin minted on 10 November 2004.

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