20 Facts About Villanova University


Villanova University is a private Roman Catholic research university in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

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University traces its roots to the old Saint Augustine's Church, Philadelphia, which the Augustinian friars of the Province of Saint Thomas of Villanova founded in 1796, and to its parish school, Saint Augustine's Academy, which was established in 1811.

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Villanova University was all-male until 1918, when the college began evening classes to educate nuns to teach in parochial schools.

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Second and third of three on-campus train stops, the Villanova University stop and the Stadium stop on the Norristown High Speed Line provides access to the city of Philadelphia, about 30 minutes away.

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In 2007 Villanova University was No 29 in the Financial Times' ranking of top executive MBA programs.

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In 2019, Villanova University announced new recruiting partnerships with The Posse Foundation, Philadelphia Futures and the Guadalupe Center.

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Villanova University students participate in charitable and philanthropic activities and organizations, including the largest student-run Special Olympics in the world.

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Annual Special Olympics Fall Festival at Villanova University is the largest and most successful student-run Special Olympics in the world.

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Villanova University holds an annual NOVAdance year-long fundraising effort that culminates with a 12-hour dance marathon each Spring, raising money in support of the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.

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Villanova University community is noted for its participation in Habitat for Humanity In 2004, Villanova had more participants in the Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge than any other U S university.

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Villanova University EWB is one of the fasting growing student organizations on campus, expanding from a mere handful of engineering students in the spring of 2006 to a current membership of approximately 75 students in multi-disciplinary programs.

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Villanova University EWB was the only student organization to win an award from the regional Project Management Institute, receiving an Honorable Mention from PMI for project of the year.

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Villanova University Emergency Medical Service, is a student-run ambulance service licensed and dedicated to serving the campus community.

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Villanova University is one of only a handful of colleges to provide EMS services to their campus, and one of only 52 who provide emergency response and transport to at least the Basic Life Support Level.

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Villanova University is without a formal music department; therefore, the Office of Student Performing Arts is charged with the organization of the student performing arts groups on campus.

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Villanova University Band is the largest and oldest musical group at Villanova University with over 100 members.

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The Villanova University Band has four divisions: the Concert Band, the Scramble Band, the Pep Band, and the Jazz Ensemble.

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Villanova University had seven women's programs and five men's programs earn a 100 percent GSR in the release.

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Villanova University has produced 28 athletes who have made appearances in the Olympics, 10 of whom have medaled .

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Villanova University was home to the Liberty Bell's "Sister Bell", the replacement bell ordered from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry after the original bell cracked in 1753.

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