6 Facts About Vincent Zhou

1. In late November Vincent Zhou competed at the 2018 CS Tallinn Trophy where he won the silver medal.

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2. At the 2018 NHK Trophy, Vincent Zhou placed fifth in the short, in fourth in the free, and fourth overall.

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3. At the 2018 Skate America, Vincent Zhou placed six in the short, third in the free, and fifth overall.

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4. In January 2016, Vincent Zhou placed 8th on the senior level at the US Championships and was named in the US team to the World Junior Championships in Debrecen, Hungary.

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5. When he was nine, Vincent Zhou started to be coached by Tammy Gambill and became a member of the All Year Figure Skating Club in Riverside, California.

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6. In February 2018, Vincent Zhou became the first person to successfully land a quadruple Lutz jump at the Olympics.

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