24 Facts About Vito LoGrasso


Vito LoGrasso then went on to work in the USWA and WWC using the name Skull Von Krush.


Vito LoGrasso travelled to Japan on other occasions after his NOW run.


Vito LoGrasso returned to the states in 1991 and became enhancement talent in the WWF.


Vito LoGrasso wrestled on early editions of WWF Monday Night Raw as Von Krus, a German wrestler with an "evil foreigner" gimmick.


Vito LoGrasso feuded with Brian Christopher, Spell Binder, and Jeff Gaylord.


Vito LoGrasso worked a couple of shows with the now defunct LIWF with Billy Alaimo and was on the Junkyard Dog memorial show in a casket match at the Elks Lodge in Queens, New York.


In 1999 Vito LoGrasso left ECW for World Championship Wrestling where he teamed with Johnny the Bull as The Mamalukes.


In WCW, Vito LoGrasso was billed from Staten Island, New York, which is where he actually grew up.


Vito LoGrasso had a brief run in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in late-2004 with Glenn Gilbertti, Trinity and Johnny Swinger as the "New York Connection".


In early 2005, Vito LoGrasso worked in various dark matches with Val Venis before signing a contract with WWE in June.


On May 15,2007, Vito LoGrasso was released from his WWE contract.


Vito LoGrasso continued to travel the world; performing in the UK, France, Italy, Malta, Nepal, and Canada, as well as wrestling in the US for ISPW, ACPW, ACW, PWX, DTW, and Wrestling for a Cause in 2009,2010, and 2011.


Vito LoGrasso has wrestled on various tours of Europe with Irish Whip Wrestling.


On March 1,2011 Vito LoGrasso presence was requested by the US Embassy of Nepal.


Vito LoGrasso was greeted and congratulated by the councilor of public affairs of US embassy to Nepal, Terry J White and staff.


March 2,2013 Vito LoGrasso made an appearance in Canada for the ECW Hardcore Roadtrip teaming with Nunzio against Pitbull Gary Wolfe and Balls.


Vito LoGrasso faced Al Snow earlier on the card as Skull Von Krush.


August 2013 Vito LoGrasso opened a wrestling school in Clearwater, Fl and launched a website BigVito LoGrasso.


On September 19,2013, Vito LoGrasso appeared in Ring Warriors as the leader of the stable The Slambinos.


On September 18,2013, Vito LoGrasso's wrestling school announced a partnership with Dragon Gate USA wrestling as a farm system.


Vito LoGrasso again appeared with the Ring Warriors in April 2015 as the manager of the Slambinos.


Vito LoGrasso had a leading role in the 2014 horror thriller film The Church, alongside Clint Howard, Bill Moseley, Lisa Wilcox and Ashley C Williams.


Vito LoGrasso appears in the role of Ricardo Lewis in the action thriller film Apnea, who works beside his acting as Stunt coordinator.


Vito LoGrasso opened up his own podcast series with his wife Noel and Russo in August 2017.