18 Facts About Vittorio Gassman


Vittorio Gassman, popularly known as, was an Italian actor, director and screenwriter.


Vittorio Gassman is considered one of the greatest Italian actors, whose career includes both important productions as well as dozens of divertissements.


Vittorio Gassman's debut was in Milan, in 1942, with Alda Borelli in Niccodemi's La Nemica.


Vittorio Gassman then moved to Rome and acted at the Teatro Eliseo joining Tino Carraro and Ernesto Calindri in a team that remained famous for some time; with them he acted in a range of plays from bourgeois comedy to sophisticated intellectual theatre.


Vittorio Gassman played Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams' Un tram che si chiama desiderio, as well as in Come vi piace by Shakespeare and Oreste.


Vittorio Gassman joined the Teatro Nazionale with Tommaso Salvini, Massimo Girotti, Arnoldo Foa to create a successful Peer Gynt.


In 1956 Vittorio Gassman played the title role in a production of Othello.


Famous movies featuring Vittorio Gassman include: Il sorpasso, La Grande Guerra, I mostri, L'Armata Brancaleone, Profumo di donna and C'eravamo tanto amati.


Vittorio Gassman directed Adelchi, a lesser-known work by Alessandro Manzoni.


Vittorio Gassman brought this production to half a million spectators, crossing Italy with his Teatro Popolare Itinerante.


Vittorio Gassman's productions have included many of the famous authors and playwrights of the 20th century, with repeated returns to the classics of Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky and the Greek tragicians.


Vittorio Gassman founded a theatre school in Florence, which educated many of the more talented actors of the current generation of Italian thespians.


Vittorio Gassman met and fell in love with American actress Shelley Winters while she was touring Europe with fiance Farley Granger.


Vittorio Gassman rendered them with the same professional skill that made him famous while reciting Dante's Divine Comedy.


In 1994, Vittorio Gassman voiced Mufasa in the Italian dubbed version of The Lion King.


Vittorio Gassman's voice was redubbed in several of his films by historical Italian actors and dubbers which include Emilio Cigoli, Sandro Ruffini, Gualtiero De Angelis, Stefano Sibaldi, Enrico Maria Salerno and Pino Locchi.


Vittorio Gassman married three times, all to actresses: Nora Ricci ; Shelley Winters ; and Diletta D'Andrea.


On 29 June 2000, Vittorio Gassman died of a heart attack in his sleep at his home in Rome at the age of 77.