20 Facts About Vivienne Tam


Vivienne Tam is a fashion designer based in New York City.


Vivienne Tam was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, and moved to Hong Kong at the age of three.


Vivienne Tam authored China Chic, a book in which she explored the ways in which Chinese style meets Western style and described elements of the Chinese culture like her mother's cheongsam that had the most impact on her.


Vivienne Tam discussed how Chinese culture intertwined with Western style and influenced her future work.


Vivienne Tam has worked with Hewlett-Packard on a special Vivienne Tam range of designer netbook computers, such as a version of the HP Mini 1000 and the HP Mini 210.


Vivienne Tam appeared on dressup site Stardoll where she has her own suite and brand name.


Vivienne Tam has designed dresses for the characters in the Animax movie LaMB.


Vivienne Tam debuted her collaboration with Chinese jewelry brand TSL at her Spring 2013 fashion show.


When Vivienne Tam was three years old, her family left the People's Republic of China and moved to Hong Kong.


Vivienne Tam discovered her love of fashion at an early age.


Vivienne Tam was inspired by watching her mother making clothes for her family.


Vivienne Tam attended a Catholic school, where she learned English, even though she still spoke Cantonese at home with her family.


Vivienne Tam then went to study fashion design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University where she received her Higher Diploma in Fashion Design.


Vivienne Tam uses them as a tool to show that Chinese national clothing is not just clothing but a type of art, creativity, and a reflection of years of history.


Vivienne Tam's clothes were popular among fashion-forward women interested in Asian influence designs.


Vivienne Tam produced a series of printed t-shirts with these humorous images.


Vivienne Tam regarded this collection as "more serious, symbolizing the positive and negative effects Mao had on the Chinese culture" In the Asian American community this created some controversy as they felt it was in poor taste, since many had died under his power.


Vivienne Tam even had difficulty finding a manufacturer in Hong Kong that would take the job, and even several minor protests by her store.


In Fall of 2016, Vivienne Tam debuted her Spring and Summer collection at New York Fashion Week featuring iconic Houston logos.


Vivienne Tam partnered with Visit Houston and Asian Wives Club to promote a new perspective on the city of Houston.