12 Facts About Wang Xizhi


Wang Xizhi was a Chinese calligrapher, politician, general and writer during the Jin dynasty.

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Wang Xizhi was best known for his mastery of Chinese calligraphy.

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Wang Xizhi is sometimes regarded as the greatest Chinese calligrapher in Chinese history, and was a master of all forms of Chinese calligraphy, especially the running script.

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Wang Xizhi is known as one of the Four Talented Calligraphers in Chinese calligraphy.

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Wang Xizhi is particularly remembered for one of his hobbies, that of rearing geese.

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Wang Xizhi looked at the geese splashing in the river in a daze.

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Wang Xizhi used to practice writing near a pond, and when he finished, he would wash his brush and ink-stone in the pond.

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The engraver was shocked because Wang Xizhi's handwriting penetrated more than a third of the wood.

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Wang Xizhi said admiringly "the character of the general of the right army is "Ru mu san fen", which is used to describe strong and powerful calligraphy works, and to describe a thorough understanding of things.

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Wang Xizhi had seven children, all of whom were notable calligraphers.

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Wang Xizhi excelled in every script but was particularly skilled in semi-cursive script.

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Wang Xizhi's most well-known work, Lantingji Xu, is an introduction to a collection of poems written by several poets during a gathering at Lanting for the Spring Purification Festival.

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