12 Facts About Web presence


Web presence is a location on the World Wide Web where a person, business, or some other entity is represented.

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Every web presence is associated with a unique web address to distinguish one point of presence from another.

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Web presence management is the process of establishing and maintaining a digital footprint on the web.

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Web presence management is the discipline of determining and governing:.

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Web presence discovery is the process of monitoring the web for a new point of presence about a person or business.

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Web presence discovery is often included in a web presence management system.

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Web presence monitoring is the process of monitoring a known inventory of web presence to detect any changes that are made.

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Web presence monitoring is often included in a web presence management system and can serve multiple purposes for both larger corporations and certain individuals, such as celebrities.

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Additionally, Web presence monitoring focuses on owned media and content listening on earned media.

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Web presence audit is performed by an enterprise to determine that all points of presence on the web meet the objectives as well as governance, risk management, and compliance needs.

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However, a less formal web presence audit is often performed by internal members as a routine to meet GRC objectives.

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Web presence management is knowing where an individual or business is represented, whereas reputation management is knowing what people are saying about an individual or business.

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