13 Facts About Will Friedle


Will Friedle is best known for his role as Eric Matthews on the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World.

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Will Friedle is allegedly credited on school brochures as having attended Occidental College.

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Will Friedle stated that he learned he was being inaccurately credited by Occidental College as being an alumnus when his nephew visited the school and showed him the information package.

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Occidental College is not able to confirm that Will Friedle was ever used on marketing brochures; however, co-star Rider Strong attended Occidental College briefly during the filming of Boy Meets World.

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Will Friedle appeared in a supporting role in the 2005 ABC Family movie Everything You Want.

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Will Friedle was cast as Mike in the WB sitcom Off Centre, but could not accept the role because of a previous commitment to the UPN series The Random Years.

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Will Friedle voiced Seifer Almasy in the English version of the video game Kingdom Hearts II, Gideon Wyeth in the English version of the video game Advent Rising, and Jaster Rogue in the English version of the video game Rogue Galaxy.

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On June 27,2019, the premiere episode of Christy's Kitchen Throwback featuring Will Friedle was uploaded to Christy Carlson Romano's YouTube Channel.

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On June 15,2022, Will Friedle voiced the character Radiant Black in a promotional short for the comic's fifteenth issue.

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Will Friedle has hosted the Boy Meets World rewatch podcast Pod Meets World with Danielle Fishel and Rider Strong since 2022.

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In 1997, Will Friedle dated actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, and co-starred with her in the romantic teen comedy Trojan War.

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Will Friedle is best friends with actor Jason Marsden and was the best man at Marsden's wedding in October 2004.

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Will Friedle married his girlfriend, Susan Martens, on September 25,2016, in Connecticut.

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