10 Facts About William Hayley


William Hayley was an English writer, best known as the biographer of his friend William Cowper.

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William Hayley's private means enabled Hayley to live on his patrimonial estate at Eartham, Sussex, and he retired there in 1774.

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William Hayley indeed was mainly instrumental in getting Cowper his pension.

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In 1800 William Hayley lost his natural son, Thomas Alphonso William Hayley, to whom he was devotedly attached.

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William Hayley had been a pupil of John Flaxman's, to whom Hayley's Essay on Sculpture is addressed.

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William Hayley had already written occasional poems, when in 1771 his tragedy, The Afflicted Father, was rejected by David Garrick.

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In 1769 William Hayley married Eliza Ball, daughter of Thomas Ball, dean of Chichester.

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William Hayley's died in 1797; after being separated from William since 1789.

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William Hayley attributed the mental illness she suffered as reasoning for the separation.

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William Hayley married in 1809 Mary Welford, but they separated after three years.

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