11 Facts About Wine Clip


Wine Clip accessories include many items such as wine glasses, corkscrews, and wine racks.

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Wine Clip glasses are a type of glass stemware that are used to drink and taste wine from.

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Wine Clip decanter is a glass serving vessel into which an entire bottle of wine is poured.

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Wine Clip funnels are fitted with a gauze or mesh to trap natural deposits in the bottle.

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Wine Clip racks are storage devices that hold wine bottles in an orientation facilitating long term wine aging.

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Wine Clip collar is a wine accessory that fits around the neck of a wine bottle.

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Wine Clip stopper is an essential wine accessory to close leftover wine bottles before refrigerating them.

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Wine Clip stoppers are used because it is hard to put the original cork back into the bottleneck.

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Wine Clip journal is a journal for recording notes on wine consumed or tasted.

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Wine Clip thief is a glass or food-grade plastic pipette used in the process of wine making.

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Wine Clip aerator is a small, in-bottle, hand-held pour-through or decanter top device for aerating wine.

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