14 Facts About Wrestle-1


Wrestle-1 was a Japanese puroresu or professional wrestling promotion, founded in July 2013 by Keiji Mutoh following his resignation from All Japan Pro Wrestling .

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Wrestle-1 continues Mutoh's brand of "Pro Wrestling Love", which he had launched after taking over AJPW in 2002.

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At the press conference, Mutoh stated that Wrestle-1 was open to working with other promotions and that he was looking to use Taiwan as a stepping stone towards an Asian and eventually global expansion.

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Bob Sapp, who had appeared in several of the old Wrestle-1 events, made an appearance in a tag team main event with Mutoh.

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Wrestle-1 sought to introduce an "openweight division", where its wrestlers would not be typecast as heavyweights or junior heavyweights, like in most Japanese promotions, but would be able to interact with each other across weight limits.

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On July 1, Wrestle-1 was joined by Hiroki Murase, a freelancer who had started his career with WNC in January 2013.

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On February 25,2015, Wrestle-1 announced the creation of a cruiserweight division and a new third title, which was on March 9 officially named the Wrestle-1 Cruiser Division Championship.

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In March 2015, Wrestle-1's management was hit with several resignations, which led to Mutoh offering DDT Pro-Wrestling president Sanshiro Takagi a job in his promotion's management.

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Wrestle-1'sgoal was to make Wrestle-1 more profitable by getting sales up and increasing the number of shows.

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On March 30,2016, Wrestle-1 held a show to celebrate the conclusion of the first term of the Puroresu Sogo Gakuin, while announcing the graduation of Hana Kimura, Jun Tonsho, Reika Saiki and Seigo Tachibana.

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On January 8,2017, Wrestle-1 announced the creation of a new title, the Wrestle-1 Result Championship, meant for the promotion's younger wrestlers.

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On January 17,2018, Wrestle-1 established a working relationship with Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion.

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In 2019, Wrestle-1 established the "Wrestle-1 Alliance", a promotional partnership with multiple U S -based wrestling companies.

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On February 29,2020, Wrestle-1 announced that they would be holding their final event on April 1, with all members of the roster being released from their contracts the day prior.

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