11 Facts About WWE 2K


WWE 2K, is a series of professional wrestling sports simulation video games that launched in 2000.

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The series would go on a two-year hiatus in response, with WWE 2K Battlegrounds released in 2020 as a replacement for a previously-planned WWE 2K21 game.

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Every game in the WWE 2K series includes a roster of "superstars" and "Divas" based on superstars who compete for WWE 2K.

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Every year, WWE 2K acquires new superstars and releases old superstars.

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In 2006, WWE 2K launched a new brand, called ECW, which was named after the original Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion.

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WWE 2K holds an annual draft lottery, in which WWE 2K superstars switch brands.

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WWE 2K17 carries 145 for the physical disc versions for PS3 and Xbox 360; 150 for the NXT Edition made for PS4 and Xbox One with DLC at 172.

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WWE 2K18 contains 197 for the standard version with DLC announced at a later date.

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WWE 2K19 has 217 characters on disc and 236 with DLC counted as final.

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WWE 2K20 has 217 characters on disc with DLC yet to be finalized.

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WWE 2K22 has 173 in its base roster with the DLC pushing the full character list to 214 .

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