13 Facts About Yael Naim


Yael Naim is a French-born Israeli singer and actress.


Yael Naim rose to fame in 2008 in the US after her hit single "New Soul" was used by Apple in an advertising campaign for its MacBook Air.


Yael Naim was born in Paris, France to Maghrebi Jewish immigrants from Tunisia.


Yael Naim served in the Israel Defense Forces as a soloist in the Israeli Air Force Orchestra.


Yael Naim began her singing career with a part in the musical and her first solo album, In a Man's Womb, was released in 2001.


Yael Naim sang the song "You Disappear" by Bruno Coulais for the film Harrison's Flowers.


Yael Naim performed a duet with Din Din Aviv titled "Mashmauyot".


Yael Naim joined with percussionist David Donatien and, over a period of two years, they arranged and recorded thirteen of Yael Naim's songs in a studio in her apartment in Paris.


Yael Naim's style has been described as having a touch of folk and a touch of jazz, with mysterious and evocative words sung with a delicate and intentionally husky voice.


Yael Naim is married to David Donatien, a Martiniquais musician, with whom she has two children.


Yael Naim's voice was used in a Season 21 episode of The Simpsons, entitled "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed".


Yael Naim voiced Dorit, the niece of an Israeli tour guide named Jakob.


Yael Naim's single "Come Home" was in an episode of Season 7 of Grey's Anatomy and in episode 6 of the ABC Family series Switched at Birth.