11 Facts About Yocto Project


Yocto Project is a Linux Foundation collaborative open source project whose goal is to produce tools and processes that enable the creation of Linux distributions for embedded and IoT software that are independent of the underlying architecture of the embedded hardware.

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Yocto Project's focus is on improving the software development process for embedded Linux distributions.

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The Yocto Project provides interoperable tools, metadata, and processes that enable the rapid, repeatable development of Linux-based embedded systems in which every aspect of the development process can be customized.

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The Yocto Project provides a reference implementation called Poky, which contains the OpenEmbedded build system plus a large set of recipes, arranged in a hierarchical system of layers, that can be used as a fully functional template for a customized embedded operating system.

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Yocto Project offers different sized targets from "tiny" to fully featured images which are configurable and customisable by the end user.

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Yocto Project is known for making good documentation a priority and attempts to update documentation for each release, retaining all documents for current and archived releases on the website, as the documentation can change significantly with any release.

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Yocto Project is one of many collaborative projects organized as a non-profit under the banner of the Linux Foundation.

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Yocto Project's governance is divided loosely into administrative and technical arms, although many members participate in both camps.

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Yocto Project Branding Program provides an opportunity to associate the value of using the Yocto Project with a company or product.

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Yocto Project Participant is appropriate for organizations who use and support the Yocto Project publicly.

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Yocto Project Compatible is appropriate for products, BSPs, and other OE-compatible layers, and related open-source projects, and is open to Yocto Project member organizations.

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