25 Facts About Yoshimitsu


Yoshimitsu is a name used by three different characters who appear in the Tekken and Soulcalibur series of fighting games by Namco.

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The second version of Yoshimitsu appeared in every Soulcalibur game since the 1998 self-titled installment except for 2012's Soulcalibur V, which instead features a third version of the character, informally known as Yoshimitsu II.

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Kunimitsu's story in Tekken 2 reveals that Yoshimitsu's blade is passed down through the Manji Clan's leaders.

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Later, Yoshimitsu leads a raid on Dr Bosconovitch's lab in order to steal his Eternal Energy device.

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In Tekken 2, Yoshimitsu learns that Bosconovitch has been kidnapped by the Guiane Paklibutushitsu and enters the second Tekken tournament to rescue him.

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Yoshimitsu then enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 in order to obtain the blood.

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Two years later, during the events of Tekken 4, Yoshimitsu realizes that the future of his clan is waning due to a lack of necessary funds and manpower.

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Yoshimitsu takes him to Bosconovitch's lab so the doctor can transfer Bryan to a new body.

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Swearing revenge, Yoshimitsu enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 to hunt Bryan.

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Yoshimitsu decides to adopt a second sword called Fumaken, which has the ability to suppress the cursed sword's properties, and enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 in order to restore the power of the cursed sword.

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Yoshimitsu appears in other Tekken games, namely Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken Card Challenge, Tekken Advance, Tekken Resolute, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 3D: Prime Edition and Tekken Card Tournament.

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In meditation, Yoshimitsu decides that if he were to give in to his hatred, he would be no better than Nobunaga or Nightmare.

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Yoshimitsu's weapon seems like a normal katana, but it has many unique features that accommodate the unique fighting style of the Manji.

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Yoshimitsu uses the sashimono on his back as a striking weapon.

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In Soulcalibur II, Yoshimitsu discovers that his katana has been impregnated with corrupted energy from the castle, and so resolves to rid his blade of the evil.

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Yoshimitsu's Tekken 3 incarnation is a bonus character available in Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis for the PlayStation and his Tekken 3 "energy sword" is one of the game's unlockable secret tennis racquets.

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Yoshimitsu's sword is an available weapon in the Tekken spin-off game Death by Degrees.

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Yoshimitsu appears in the Capcom-made crossover game Street Fighter X Tekken, where his official tag partner is Raven.

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Yoshimitsu has brief cameos in the animated film Tekken: The Motion Picture.

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Yoshimitsu appears in the 2009 live-action film Tekken, portrayed by Gary Ray Stearns, where he fights and loses against Jin Kazama.

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Yoshimitsu possesses many moves with strange properties; his "harakiri" moves require a large portion of his own health to perform, and he and Lei Wulong are the only characters with the ability to restore health.

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We've never really seen his face, his motives and age are hard to discern … Though his looks might scare some, at heart Yoshimitsu is less a stealthy murderer than a giving goofball, and that's true no matter the timeline.

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Whether in Tekken or guest starring in Soulcalibur, Yoshimitsu enjoys a good laugh, and is often seen sharing his tournament winnings with the common folk.

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Yoshimitsu has been positively received by gaming media for his design and characterization.

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Yoshimitsu has received cooler reception from fans; he was rated the sixth-most popular Soul character in a 2002 poll held by Namco prior to the release of Soulcalibur II with 4.

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