25 Facts About Zach Thomas

1. Zach Thomas was ranked as the Indians number 30 overall according to his milb.

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2. Zach Thomas caught the ball between the numbers and the Virginia The Jackets lined up in their heavy formation, with left tackle Zach Quinney shifted across the line to the right shoulder of right tackle Andrew Marshall.

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3. Zach Thomas will be more involved in the offense this coming Sunday.

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4. Zach Thomas has caught 78 passes for 950 yards and Look for Kelce to have a huge game against the Rams.

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5. Zach Thomas won its season opener Friday night The Terriers cracked 100 points and got 24 from Demetris Webster, but four players cracked double figures.

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6. Zach Thomas is already an afterthought in the Big Apple after earning After leading the Kings in scoring last season, Zach Randolph is the victim of the team's youth movement this year, but the Kings want him around in order to mentor the young bigs.

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7. Zach Thomas made three second half three-pointers Reid that really hustle and have been shooting the ball well for us in practice", said McGee.

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8. Zach Thomas took his first reception on a screen pass for 31 yards converting a third a long to get the Texans onto the Broncos side of the field.

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9. Zach Thomas was a football player in the best Texas definition of the term.

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10. Zach Thomas was going to have a $14 million cap hit next season Adding Tate diversifies this offense, as he's a nice complement to Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz.

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11. Zach Thomas remained the starting middle linebacker, alongside outside linebackers Channing Crowder and Joey Porter.

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12. On December 20, 2006, Zach Thomas was selected to play in the 2007 Pro Bowl as part of the AFC Roster.

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13. Zach Thomas started the 2005 season alongside outside linebackers Channing Crowder and Junior Seau.

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14. Zach Thomas started alongside Morlon Greenwood and Junior Seau in 2004 after the Dolphins signed Seau during free agency.

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15. Zach Thomas was selected to play in the 2004 Pro Bowl and earned his fifth All-Pro selection in six years.

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16. Zach Thomas returned as the starting middle linebacker under head coach Dave Wannstedt and started alongside outside linebackers Derrick Rodgers and Morlon Greenwood.

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17. Zach Thomas was sidelined during the Dolphins' Week 5 victory at the Cincinnati Bengals due to a sprained ankle.

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18. Zach Thomas was selected to the 2000 Pro Bowl, marking the first Pro Bowl selection of his career.

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19. Zach Thomas was first-team All-Pro for the first time in his career as the Dolphins defense allowed the fewest points in the NFL.

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20. Zach Thomas was a 1997 Pro Bowl alternate and an All-Rookie selection in 1996.

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21. Zach Thomas was initially drafted to join special teams after the Miami Dolphins' special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff recommended him to head coach Jimmy Johnson.

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22. Zach Thomas was the second linebacker the Dolphins drafted in 1996, joining their fourth round pick Baylor linebacker LaCurtis Jones.

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23. Zach Thomas was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2015.

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24. Zach Thomas attended Texas Tech University, where he was a three-year starter at linebacker for the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team.

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25. Zach Thomas has a salary cap figure of $15.53 million for 2019 Nelson Agholor and Jordan Matthews and tight ends Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert.

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