11 Facts About Zane Frazier


Zane Troy Frazier was born on July 16,1966 and is an American former karateka, kickboxer and mixed martial artist who competed in the heavyweight division.

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Son of Floyd and Bertha Zane Frazier, he grew up in a Crips infested neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, and began training in martial arts in 1972 after seeing the film Fist of Fury.

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Zane Frazier graduated from Fairfax High School in 1980, and was recruited to play college basketball at the University of Idaho in Moscow under head coach Don Monson.

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Zane Frazier saw action as a true freshman in redshirted in and finished his bachelor's degree in 1986.

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Zane Frazier attained the rank of fourth degree black belt in American Kenpo karate and was the winner of the California, United States and North American karate championships in 1984 before becoming the international karate champion in 1987 and again in 1990.

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On November 12,1993, Zane Frazier competed at UFC 1, a no-holds-barred fighting tournament and the very first mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Zane Frazier reportedly earned his place in the tournament by beating up Frank Dux in a street fight which was witnessed by UFC founders Rorion Gracie and Art Davie.

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Zane Frazier suffered respiratory failure and was rushed to hospital after the fight.

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Zane Frazier returned to kickboxing the following year to win the WKF North American Super Heavyweight Championship but took his second MMA bout in September 1995 when he fought at Shooto: Vale Tudo Perception in Tokyo, Japan, knocking out Kendo Nagasaki thirty-six seconds into the fight.

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Zane Frazier then made his way back to the UFC in May 1996 at UFC 9 and was defeated via technical knockout by Cal Worsham three minutes into the fight.

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Zane Frazier's final fight came in January 2008 and he was knocked out by Richard Blake.

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