10 Facts About ZDF


ZDF is financed by television licence fees and advertising revenues.

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In 1974, ZDF moved its base of operations to Mainz-Lerchenberg, after briefly being located in Wiesbaden.

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ZDF has income from sponsorships and programming and advertising sales.

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ZDF has used both ARD and Telekom transmitters since changes to the law in the 1990s, and since the digital switchover.

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ZDF has been relayed by cable since the days of the first cable pilot projects.

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Today, ZDF is available free-to-air throughout Europe on Astra 19.

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ZDF Enterprises owns a Dutch TV production and distribution company Off the Fence.

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ZDF operates various channels in cooperation with other networks: Arte, 3sat, KI.

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ZDF became a full member of the European Broadcasting Union in 1963.

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ZDF is a supporter of the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV initiative which promotes the establishment of an open European standard for hybrid set-top boxes for the reception of broadcast TV and broadband multimedia applications with a single user interface.

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