13 Facts About Aalto University


Aalto University is a public research university located in Espoo, Finland.

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At the time of creation of Aalto University, TKK had about 250 professors and approximately 15, 000 students.

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Aalto University has been active in establishing research projects and industrial collaborations via the private sector.

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University, which is incorporated as Aalto University Foundation, is governed by the seven-member Aalto University Foundation Board.

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Aalto University is organized since the beginning of 2011 into six schools formed out of the three merged universities.

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In 2021, Aalto University was ranked the sixth globally according to the QS World University Rankings by the subject Art and Design.

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Aalto University has defined four fundamental competence areas: ICT and digitalisation, Materials and sustainable use of natural resources, Global business dynamics and Art and design knowledge building.

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Researchers at Aalto University have achieved notability in, among other things, low temperature physics, the development of devices and methods for magnetoencephalography, mobile communications, wood processing, and neural networks, with professor Teuvo Kohonen initiating research in self-organizing maps.

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MilliLab, a joint laboratory of VTT and Aalto University, built one of the radio receivers in the Planck probe, which maps the cosmic microwave background for determining the age and composition of the universe.

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Aalto University retains ownership of the former campus of the School of Business, located in Toolo, Helsinki.

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Aalto University Festival consisted of a varying program with exhibitions, seminars, discussions, films, workshops and guided tours.

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Every bachelor's and master's degree student enrolled in Aalto University is a member of the Student Union.

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Aalto University is one of the two universities in Finland to host one or more Nations, a Finnish type of student corporation.

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