5 Facts About Aaron Harber

1. In the early 1990s, Aaron Harber was a co-founder and chairman of the Women's Equity Fund, a nationally recognized, experimental venture capital firm helping women start new businesses and expand existing ones.

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2. In 1982, Aaron Harber was a candidate for Secretary of State and won his party's nomination in 1990.

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3. In January 2008, Aaron Harber served as the executive producer of a new series, The Senate in Balance, primarily designed as a public platform for incumbent Congressman Mark Udall and former Colorado Congressman Bob Schaffer (R).

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4. In January 2010, Aaron Harber started a new local election series, Colorado Election 2010.

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5. In 1998, Aaron Harber moved from the 'alk America Radio Network exclusively into the television arena.

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