40 Facts About Aaron Harber


Aaron Harber is an American long-form political TV talk show host featured on KCDO-TV Channel 3 Colorado, COMCAST Entertainment Television, and KPXC-TV, as well as on individual stations.


Since 1992, Aaron Harber has worked extensively in the media as a host, producer, political and economic commentator, and columnist.


The Aaron Harber Show is the focus of his media involvement.


Aaron Harber gained national recognition when he was sued frivolously for $20 million by Rush Limbaugh et al.


In 1998, Aaron Harber moved from the 'alk America Radio Network exclusively into the television arena.


Two years later, Aaron Harber hosted the nonpartisan Election 2002 series on Colorado Public Television as a demonstration of how to promote unbiased election information as well as to provide citizens with extensive candidate access and election coverage.


Aaron Harber was a host on Colorado Decides 2004 when it became a joint venture of KCNC-TV, KBDI-TV Channel 12, and the Rocky Mountain News.

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Aaron Harber's programs are now carried by a variety of channels, stations, and networks, from commercial stations such as Comcast Entertainment Television and KPXC-TV to public television stations and Public-access television cable TV channels as well as cable channels such as TV Aspen.


Harber is the host and executive producer of The Aaron Harber Show, a nonpartisan, political TV talk show.


In January 2010, Aaron Harber started a new local election series, Colorado Election 2010.


In January 2008, Aaron Harber served as the executive producer of a new series, The Senate in Balance, primarily designed as a public platform for incumbent Congressman Mark Udall and former Colorado Congressman Bob Schaffer.


Aaron Harber produced and hosted a seven-episode series documenting the 2008 Democratic National Convention.


From 1998 through 2008, Aaron Harber was an on-camera political analyst for CW2 of the CW Network in Denver and across Colorado.


Aaron Harber writes on public affairs and economic issues for The Huffington Post.


Aaron Harber is a columnist for Colorado's major political publication, The Colorado Statesman, and writes as a columnist for The Denver Daily News.


Aaron Harber was elected secretary of the Colorado Democratic Party in 1983.


Aaron Harber was elected as a Presidential Delegate to the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco and was elected to the Convention's original Credentials Committee.


In 1982, Aaron Harber was a candidate for Secretary of State and won his party's nomination in 1990.


Aaron Harber has served as a parliamentarian and secretary of numerous political assemblies and conventions, at the county, congressional, and state level.


Aaron Harber was elected chair of State Senate District 17 and Vice Chair of House District 31, and has held many other elected party positions, ranging from Precinct Committee person to Caucus Chair and Secretary to county, congressional, state, and national delegates.


Aaron Harber has held no partisan position since 2000 due to his work in the media.


Aaron Harber served there under both the Democratic and Republican Attorneys General and promoted many improvements on behalf of consumers.


Aaron Harber was elected in 1989 as the first public member ever to serve as chairman of the CAB.


Aaron Harber has broadcast his show live from places as disparate as the Democratic Leadership Council, the White House Press Room, and the conservative Heritage Foundation.


Aaron Harber graduated first in his class and as valedictorian from Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado.

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At Princeton, Harber became the first person in the then 220-year history of the university to win the two awards for being the person who did the most for his class and the most for the University.


Aaron Harber was elected as a member of the Board of Trustees of Princeton University.


Aaron Harber focused on challenging established thinking to expand the access women had to business capital.


For over thirty years, Aaron Harber has served as president of the American Research Corporation, where his work has included strategic planning, research, business advisory services, organizational consulting, public opinion polling, and computer software.


Aaron Harber has managed software development projects, served private and public sector clients domestically and internationally, and participated in state and federal government projects.


Aaron Harber was a co-founder and served as president and chairman of Silicon Valley software company TeamOne Systems which tackled the national need to automate the writing of computer software.


Aaron Harber was elected as chairman of the innovative fiber-optic large-display company Mall TV, Inc and served as chairman of one of the nation's first retail virtual reality companies, V-Space, Inc.


Aaron Harber has chaired numerous domestic and international events and has appeared as a public speaker, moderator, and facilitator.


Aaron Harber has served as a member of the national board of the Prostate Cancer Education Council.


Aaron Harber was co-director of the Chicano Film Project, which produced the film Los Inmigrantes.


Aaron Harber has worked as a volunteer for ECO-CYCLE and as a Relief House Parent for Attention Homes, an alternative to jail for young offenders.


Three decades ago, Aaron Harber was the first male ever elected to the board of directors of the Boulder County Women's Resource Center and for decades has been a strong proponent of equal rights for women.


Aaron Harber has served on the Accountability Committee for his daughter's public school, Peak to Peak, and has worked as a volunteer serving food in the school's cafeteria.


Aaron Harber continues to informally advise many groups today, at no charge.


Aaron Harber pioneered the vision for the Golden Run community in Erie, Colorado as an example of a modified New Urbanism development imaginatively designed to create a walkable, economically sustainable, environmentally friendly multi-generational neighborhood.