12 Facts About Abigail Arcane


Abigail Arcane Cable Holland is a fictional comic book character in the DC Comics Universe.

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Abigail Arcane wisely reminds him that truth is nebulous and that he must try to discover the truth about the Swamp Thing, when next confronting him.

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Abigail Arcane instantly falls in love with the swamp, and Matt has to keep her focused and alert.

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Abigail Arcane takes this as a threat, and she warns him to not get involved.

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Once she is dead, Abigail Arcane brings Swamp Thing to his house to find Abby's dead body.

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Abigail Arcane decides to end the marriage, despite being unable to get a divorce.

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Abigail Arcane warns her to keep away from him, and that he will find a way to restore himself in a new body before expiring.

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Abigail Arcane makes him promise that he will never die for as long as she lives.

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Abigail Arcane turned 50 years old in late 2005, having only been a teenager in her first appearance in 1973.

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Abigail Arcane is not married to the Swamp Thing, but she does fall in love with him.

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Abby Abigail Arcane is a regular character in the 2019 live-action series Swamp Thing, portrayed by Crystal Reed.

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Abigail Arcane is a CDC doctor who first met Alec Holland during her mission.

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