29 Facts About Alec Holland

1. Alec Holland reveals to Batman that his father used to sing the song when he was scared as a child.

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2. Alec Holland tells them that he met McGinn at a bar, singing a lullaby.

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3. Alec Holland is being held by Barbara Gordon who has kept alive by ingesting the Man-Bat serum.

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4. Alec Holland arrives in Gotham City only to find Batman already taken over by the Rot.

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5. Alec Holland is found by Poison Ivy and Deadman who take him to the Parliament of Trees, the last living place in the world.

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6. Alec Holland changes Abby back as Seethe unleashes on him.

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7. Alec Holland tries to calm Abby in her monstrous new form down but it doesn't work, Abby now only has one thought on her mind, "Alec needs to die.

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8. Alec Holland manages to fight his way through walking corpses towards Sethe but stops to see Abby crawl out of her cocoon in her new form.

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9. Alec Holland tells Sethe to release Abigail and he'll "spare him some pain.

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10. Alec Holland asks that the Parliament use their last bit of power to get the bio-restorative formula from his bag and turn him into Swamp Thing.

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11. Alec Holland states that it is human restraint that is coveted by the Parliament as they had lost that capacity long ago.

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12. Alec Holland pulls over at the nearest swamp and calls for the Green to take him.

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13. Alec Holland is chased by flying creatures from the Rot and fends them off with a shot gun.

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14. Alec Holland attacks with sharp vines and roots and impales or tears apart each of the monsters and restrains William in a tree.

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15. Alec Holland releases her and explains that he has the creatures memories but is not Swamp Thing.

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16. Alec Holland is almost taken when he is saved by a woman on a motorcycle.

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17. Alec Holland returns to his motel when the entire staff and guests have been turned into minions of the Rot.

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18. Alec Holland dies to deliver this message to Alec and with his dying words warns Alec to stay away from the white haired woman.

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19. Alec Holland is reluctant to hear his message but allows him to speak.

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20. Alec Holland tries to put those memories behind him and live life as a carpenter in Louisiana, yet the Green continues to reach out for him.

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21. Alec Holland waited millennia for the day when John Constantine would find his way to the present day location of the Claw, and release him.

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22. Alec Holland encountered three of his predecessors, Yggdrasil—the tree of life, Tuuru—the tree of knowledge, and Eyam.

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23. Alec Holland used his frequency shifting abilities to force the committee members out into space, and the resulting chaos forced the Sprout from Bolland's body.

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24. Alec Holland finds his way to the planet Rann, where he meets and befriends Adam Strange.

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25. Alec Holland managed to grow a new body on a planet populated by only blue vegetation, unconnected to The Green.

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26. Alec Holland plans for he and the Swamp Thing to travel to South America and battle the cult—but first he wants Swamp Thing to visit the Parliament of Trees in Tefe, Brazil, where he promises that he would finally learn the truth about his nature as a plant elemental.

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27. Alec Holland is forced to fight off a legion of the damned, including Anton Arcane, but he prevails again with the help of Etrigan.

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28. Alec Holland seeks to regain his human body but often meets opposition in the form of Anton Arcane and his ever-growing legion of "Un-Men".

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29. Alec Holland is a fictional character in comic books published by DC Comics.

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