54 Facts About Alec Holland


Alec Holland is a fictional character in comic books published by DC Comics.

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Alec Holland is most notably a character in the various Swamp Thing series.

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Two thugs working for Nathan Ellery, head of the criminal organization the Conclave, barge into Alec Holland's lab, knock him out, and plant a bomb in the facility.

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Alec Holland's body is drenched in the bio-restorative formula, and this affects the plant life of the swamp, imbuing it with Alec's consciousness and memories.

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Alec Holland seeks to regain his human body, but often meets opposition in the form of Anton Arcane and his ever-growing legion of "Un-Men".

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Alec Holland asks for his help when her autistic students at Elysium Lawns are tormented by Kamara the Monkey King.

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Later, the Swamp Thing is visited by the ghost of Alec Holland and learns that Alec's skeleton is still lying at the bottom of the bayou.

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Alec Holland's feeling of disgust sends her into a horrible shock.

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Alec Holland is forced to fight off a legion of the damned, including Anton Arcane, but he prevails again with the help of Etrigan.

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Alec Holland sends his mind into the Green to attempt to form another body, and with Abby's help and weeks of effort, the Swamp Thing reforms most of his new body.

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Alec Holland prevents her from killing her husband, but is forced to watch helplessly as she kills herself.

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Alec Holland managed to grow a new body on a planet populated by only blue vegetation, unconnected to the Green.

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Alec Holland stayed on the planet for a time, exploring it and even creating plant-replicas of people he knew from Earth to keep him company.

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Alec Holland finds his way to the planet Rann, where he meets and befriends Adam Strange.

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Alec Holland attempted to grow a body from vegetation on a planet which seemed to be techno-organic.

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Alec Holland returned to the Parliament, and demanded to speak with a committee, to find a solution for the Sprout problem.

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Alec Holland used his frequency shifting abilities to force the committee members out into space, and the resulting chaos forced the Sprout from Bolland's body.

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Alec Holland encountered three of his predecessors; Yggdrasil, Tuuru, and Eyam.

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Alec Holland planted one of the three seeds he is given, which later grew into Yggdrasil, imbuing it with a map of all his knowledge.

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Alec Holland waited millennia for the day when John Constantine would find his way to the present day location of the Claw, and release him.

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Alec Holland had intended to return to his family once the threat was taken care of, but the Parliament prevented it - leaving his double to become firmly entrenched as the family man he could not be.

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However, since he had been given his life back, Alec Holland wanted to keep it, and John conceded, letting him live.

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In DC Comics's company-wide reboot The New 52, Alec Holland is brought back to life, but is haunted by the memories of the Swamp Thing.

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Alec Holland tries to put those memories behind him and live life as a carpenter in Louisiana, yet the Green continues to reach out for him.

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Alec Holland is visited at work by Superman, who informs him of strange animal deaths across the world.

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Alec Holland tells Superman how he tried returning to his botany work and successfully created a bio-restorative formula, but he had a vision of a world covered in Green so he destroyed it.

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Later that night, Alec Holland has nightmares of the Swamp Thing and awakes to find his room covered in plants.

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Alec Holland is reluctant to hear his message but allows him to speak.

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Rodgers confirms that the Swamp Thing of Alec Holland's memories was not him and that Alec Holland is destined to be the greatest protector of the Green, a warrior king.

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Alec Holland dies to deliver this message to Alec and with his dying words warns Alec to stay away from the white-haired woman.

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Alec Holland is almost taken when he is saved by a woman on a motorcycle.

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Alec Holland believes him to be the Swamp Thing and puts a gun to his head to make him prove it.

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Alec Holland argues to stay close to her and protect her and they continue towards William, who has taken over a slaughterhouse in Stocks, TX.

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Alec Holland immediately feels something wrong within the Green and feels them crying out in fear.

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Alec Holland begs him to run away and leave her as he does so, reluctantly.

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Alec Holland is chased by flying creatures from the Rot and fends them off with a shotgun.

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Alec Holland pulls over at the nearest swamp and calls for the Green to take him.

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Alec Holland sees the Green as being no less violent and wild as the Red and the Rot.

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Alec Holland asks that the Parliament use their last bit of power to get the bio-restorative formula from his bag and turn him into the Swamp Thing.

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Alec Holland assures them he is only doing this to save Abby, though he knows he will be forever changed into the monster.

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Alec Holland tells Sethe to release Abigail and he will "spare him some pain".

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Alec Holland manages to fight his way through walking corpses towards Sethe, but stops to see Abby crawl out of her cocoon in her new form.

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Alec Holland tries to calm Abby down in her monstrous new form, but it does not work; Abby now only has one thought on her mind: "Alec Holland needs to die".

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Alec Holland begs her to stop, but she is unable to control herself.

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Alec Holland turns and commands Abby to stop and begins to reverse her transformation by using vanilla grown from orchid seeds he placed in peaches they shared earlier.

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Alec Holland takes Alec to a swamp where he has pulled the essence of the Parliament and started new trees.

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Alec Holland is found by Poison Ivy and Deadman who take him to the Parliament of Trees, the last living place in the world.

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Alec Holland arrives in Gotham City, only to find the Batman already taken over by the Rot.

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Alec Holland is being held by Barbara Gordon who has kept herself alive by ingesting the Man-Bat serum.

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Alec Holland reveals to them that the man murdered was his father, Lloyd McGinn.

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Alec Holland tells them that he met McGinn at a bar, singing a lullaby.

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Alec Holland asked him what the song was about, to which McGinn responded it was about "life".

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Alec Holland reveals to the Batman that his father used to sing the song when he was scared as a child.

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Alec Holland appears during the opening cutscene of Swamp Thing.

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