34 Facts About Adam Strange


Adam Strange is a fictional space adventurer appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Adam Strange made his live action debut in the television series Krypton, portrayed by Shaun Sipos.

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Adam Strange conceived the idea of an Earth man repeatedly traveling to a planet in the Alpha Centauri star system by using a "Zeta-beam" altered by space radiation.

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Since Adam Strange was the first Earthman on another planet, he named his character Adam after the Biblical first man.

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Adam Strange is an archeologist suddenly teleported from Peru, Earth, to the planet Rann through a "Zeta-Beam".

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Adam Strange takes him to her father Sardath, who explains that the Zeta-Beam was transmitted to Earth in the hopes that whatever form of intelligent life lived there would trace it back to Rann, and he theorizes that in the 4.

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Adam Strange kidnapped the entirety of the Justice League and put them to forced labor to reconstruct Rann, as part of a ruse to rescue Alanna and her father.

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Adam Strange returned to Rann in JLA: Heaven's Ladder and presumably reunited with his family shortly after.

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Adam Strange was prepared to relocate to Rann permanently when he was informed that the planet was destroyed and that he was blamed for its destruction.

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Adam Strange, working with Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Kyle Rayner and Kilowog, tried to end the conflict, a six-issue precursor to DC's 2005 to 2006 limited series and DC crossover event, Infinite Crisis.

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Adam Strange was eventually able to end the war when he discovered evidence of Superboy-Prime's role in Thanagar's relocation.

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Adam Strange was stranded on a paradise-like planet with Animal Man and Starfire.

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Adam Strange was briefly questioned by the Green Lantern Corps about the secret of 52 but, when an emergency arose during the interrogation, the Lanterns offered to respond in Strange's stead so he could return to his wife.

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Adam Strange joined Animal Man and Starfire in the series Countdown to Adventure written by Adam Beechen in August 2007.

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Adam Strange discovers in this story that he is a member of the so-called Aberrant Six.

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Adam Strange realizes that one day Synnar will return and force him to join his Aberrant Six.

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Adam Strange helped to save the Vega system and several galaxies by defeating Starro the Conqueror.

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An accident with the Zeta Beam allowed Adam Strange to merge with its time-space energy signature, allowing him to project his consciousness throughout all known reality.

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Suspicious that Thangar initiated the first attack, Adam Strange began an investigation into the events with the aid of his friend Hawkman.

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Adam Strange soon found his way back to the DC Universe, where he divides his attention between his home world and his adopted world.

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Adam Strange lacks any real superhuman attributes, choosing to rely more on quick thinking and ingenuity.

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Adam Strange has battled and bested adversaries both native and extraterrestrial in nature, such as Thanagarians, Durlans, Qwardians, En'Tarans, and Meta-Humans.

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Adam Strange has a tactical intellect on par with - or exceeding - the likes of Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor, and complements this with the learning that he has gained in his many years of study on Rann.

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Adam Strange is able to reverse engineer functional technological wonders even from the damaged remains of an alien ship with ease.

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Adam Strange is an accomplished mathematician, who can expertly deduce the exact time and place when and where Sardath's Zeta Beam will hit on his home planet of Earth.

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Adam Strange uses a colorful variety of technologies both as a hero and spacefarer.

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Adam Strange is well versed in their mechanical function as well as practical use in his heroic endeavors.

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Adam Strange is an adept aerial combatant, often making use of a fireproof, thermal insulated and environmentally adapted suit with which to traverse the terrains of foreign worlds or in the cold depths of space.

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Adam Strange is versed in other kinds of rocket propulsion equipment like a booster system with hidden back up blasters, with his equipment Adam Strange can make escape velocity in order to break planetary orbit.

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Adam Strange's primary weapon of choice is a Rannian laser pistol among other assorted weapons and munitions picked up from across the galaxy.

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Adam Strange is a crack marksman with just about any ranged weapon on hand at the time, the gun comes with a targeting system conductor when worked in tandem with his costume and has a stun setting for non-lethal application.

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Adam Strange indirectly leads to the formation of the Justice League as well as controlling a trio of villains under Reverend Darrk, called the "Doom Patrol".

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Adam Strange realizes his energy powers aren't a match for his father, so he feigns allegiance thus allowing Darrk to kill his own son.

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Dr Adam Strange appears in the comic book tie-in to Smallville as a colleague of Emil Hamilton from STAR Labs.

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