36 Facts About Animal Man


Animal Man is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Animal Man was a minor character for his first twenty years, never gaining the popularity of other DC heroes such as Batman or Superman.

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Animal Man made only five, non-consecutive appearances in Strange Adventures, followed by two appearances in Wonder Woman, two in Action Comics, and two in DC Comics Presents, appearing in consecutive issues of each.

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Animal Man later became one of several DC properties, such as Shade, the Changing Man and Sandman, to be revived and revamped in the late 1980s for a more mature comics audience.

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Animal Man co-founded the Life Power Church of Maxine to further an environmentalist message, drifting along US Route 66 to settle in Montana.

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Club writer Oliver Sava wrote that the "first issue of Animal Man combines family drama, superhero action, and macabre horror into a cohesive story that is unique, yet still true to the history of Buddy Baker".

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Animal Man used his powers to fight crime and ward off alien attackers.

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Animal Man then joined the Forgotten Heroes group prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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Animal Man is married to his high school sweetheart, Ellen, a storyboard artist and, later, an illustrator for children's books.

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Animal Man is initially driven by a desire for the publicity from interviews and public appearances more than any altruistic impulse.

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Animal Man begins experiencing evidences of his existence within a comic book, although he does not immediately understand them for what they are.

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Animal Man is targeted for murder by a mysterious organization upset with his environmental work, and must face the new Mirror Master.

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Animal Man is approached by Highwater just as he decides to give up his costumed identity.

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Animal Man is assaulted by a neighbor, Travis Cody, a burnout with a PhD in electronic engineering from MIT.

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Animal Man occasionally lent his talents to various superhero groups, including the JLA and the Forgotten Heroes, and played a prominent role in the Swamp Thing's task force, the Totems.

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Animal Man subsequently appeared alongside Aquaman, Hawkman, and the Resurrection Man.

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Animal Man makes an appearance in the Identity Crisis limited series, helping to search for the murderer of Sue Dibny.

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Animal Man kept out of the spotlight during the OMAC Project that was happening, and was very devastated when he heard the news that his good friend Rocket Red VII was killed by the OMACS in Moscow.

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Animal Man makes Starfire promise not to let him come back as a zombie.

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Animal Man must reach out to another life form in order to survive, and claims the abilities of a group of Sun-Eaters, including their homing sense.

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Animal Man observes his wife from a wormhole in space provided by the aliens, only to discover that Ellen is seeing another man.

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Animal Man delivers Buddy's jacket and faints from weakness and surprise when she sees him alive, leaving the family to care for her.

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Animal Man joined Adam Strange and Starfire in the series titled Countdown to Adventure written by Adam Beechen.

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Animal Man accompanies them to the JLA Watchtower to seek help from the Justice League, and is present when the Red Arrow is mauled by an unknown attacker.

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Animal Man appears as a member of the Justice League of America.

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Animal Man helped the Justice League alongside other new reserve members like Adam Strange and the Swamp Thing.

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Animal Man was seen helping Vixen fix the Earth alongside the rest of the Justice League.

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Animal Man was later seen helping the Justice League fight the Legion of Doom and protecting a doorknob key from getting into the hands of the Legion.

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Animal Man was latterly seen with the rest of the Justice League, Justice League Dark, and the Teen Titans at a get-together party in the Hall of Justice.

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Animal Man was summoned - along with the JLA, the Teen Titans and the JSA - by Batman to fix the Source Wall in anticipation of a forthcoming war across the multiverse.

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Animal Man then assisted these teams in a cross universe battle to defeat Perpetua and Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom.

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Animal Man had returned to the Justice League following the events of the Dark Nights: Death Metal storyline series.

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At first, Animal Man knew nothing about the alien creatures whose abilities he took, but later has ample knowledge.

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Animal Man uses the last of his powers to stop two murderers then retires from the hero business.

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Animal Man makes his discoid to wipe out humanity for the sake of letting the animals survive difficult but necessary.

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Animal Man later turns against the League when Damian convinces him, Vixen, and Jason Todd about the carnage Amazo is wreaking on humanity.

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