83 Facts About Jason Todd


Jason Peter Todd is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Jason Todd made his live-action debut in the DC Universe and HBO Max series Titans, played by Curran Walters; he appears as Robin in the first two seasons, and as Red Hood in the third season.

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Years later, O'Neil said hundreds of votes in the "Jason Todd Dies" line might have come from a single person, adding a large degree of uncertainty to the honesty of results regarding a poll designed to determine the character's popularity.

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At this point [Jason Todd] is beyond the point of no return in terms of ever being considered even remotely a hero.

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Bruce Wayne sees to it that Jason Todd is placed in a school for troubled youths, which turns out to be Ma Gunn's School for Crime.

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Jason Todd earns the Robin mantle a short while later by helping Batman apprehend the gang of thieves.

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Jason Todd believes that if he doesn't help the boy, Todd will eventually become part of the "criminal element".

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Jason Todd is prone to defying Batman's orders, sometimes to success and sometimes to failure.

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Jason Todd aided Batman while Gotham City was temporarily overrun by Deacon Blackfire as shown in Batman: The Cult.

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Jason Todd discovers her hanging and makes a beeline for Felipe, ahead of Batman, who arrived just in time to see Felipe take a 22-story fall to his death, with Jason Todd as Robin at the edge of the balcony.

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In 1988's "A Death in the Family" storyline, Jason Todd discovers that Catherine Todd was not his biological mother, and runs away to find the woman who gave birth to him.

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Sheila and Jason Todd try desperately to get out of the warehouse but are still inside as the bomb goes off.

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Jason Todd's death continued to haunt Batman afterward, as he considered it his greatest failure.

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Jason Todd keeps the second Robin's uniform on display in the Batcave as a reminder.

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Jason Todd confronts the kidnapper and is stunned to discover that he is an adult Todd, standing at his own desecrated gravesite, and wearing a redesigned and darker version of his Robin costume.

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However, when Superboy-Prime alters reality from the paradise dimension in which he is trapped—his punches against the barrier keeping him from the rest of the universe causing temporal ripples that create an overlap of parallel timelines —Jason Todd is restored to life, breaks out of his coffin, and is eventually hospitalized; because he wandered so far from his grave before his discovery, no connection was ever drawn between the two events.

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Jason Todd never turns up on any missing person reports—as he was never 'missing'—nor can he be identified since no prints are on file for him.

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Jason Todd creates a false arms trafficking of advanced military arsenal, knowing that Batman would respond.

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However, Jason Todd realizes that if he went through with it, his former mentor would never know about his return nor the identity of his killer.

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Jason Todd instead decides to kill Batman directly by traveling across the globe in search of a similar, but the deadlier type of training to Bruce Wayne's own to prepare for that day.

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For years, Jason Todd learns various skills from various masters, assassins, mercenaries, and aviators around the globe, including guns, poisons and antitoxins, martial arts, acrobatics, and bomb-making.

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Jason Todd has since repeated the same pattern of killing his teachers when finding them guilty after he has finished with his training.

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Jason Todd learns that the man teaching him bomb-making is involved in a Russian mafia-backed deal meant to push the resources of British law-enforcement away from mob crime and onto Islamic extremist terrorism with a framed bombing plot.

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Jason Todd manages to hunt down the gang and safely detonate the bombs.

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However, Jason Todd realizes that he does not simply want Joker to die, but desires to punish the villain with Batman.

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Jason Todd admits to Talia that he has already deduced that the reason she finances his training is to stall him from killing Batman, but he has no desire to kill his former mentor anymore.

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When Batman expresses no remorse for sparing Joker's life after the second Robin was killed, Jason Todd is further angered and takes up his murderer's original mantle.

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Around this time, Batman discovers that the empty coffin buried at Jason Todd's gravesite is a replica of what he bought.

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Jason Todd is left wondering if perhaps he would have been a better Robin and better person had he had had a life like Drake's and friends like the Titans.

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Jason Todd asks Batman why he has not avenged his death by killing Joker, a psychopath who has murdered countless people and crippled one of their best friends, arguing that Batman should have done it "because he took me away from you".

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Jason Todd then offers Batman an ultimatum: he will kill Joker unless Batman kills Jason Todd first.

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Jason Todd resurfaces following the "One Year Later" period, patrolling the streets of New York City as a murderous version of Nightwing.

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Not long after the two Nightwings meet up, Jason Todd is captured and imprisoned by local mobsters Barry and Buddy Pierce.

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Jason Todd tells her what happened the night of Duela's death, and about the dueling Monitors.

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Jason Todd knows that both he and Donna Troy have come back from the dead, even already deducing that his resurrection has something to do with Alexander Luthor, Jr.

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Jason Todd seems to have a romantic interest in Donna and is shown to be visibly disgruntled when her old boyfriend Kyle Rayner joins their group as they take their tour to the 52 Earths which comprise the Multiverse.

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Jason Todd's inner monologue reveals that he had always wanted to eventually replace Batman, and thinks it was a bad idea for Batman to become a public figure, rather than an urban legend.

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Jason Todd thought he could do what could never be done for him and 'make him whole'.

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Jason Todd's message goes on to plead that Todd gets psychiatric help, a notion that the latter rejects.

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Jason Todd describes his vendetta against Grayson as "the revenge of one crazy man in a mask on another crazy man in a mask".

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Jason Todd is arrested by Gordon who informs him that the reason he has always worked with Batman is that Batman never violates the law "where it counts".

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Jason Todd is transferred to a Gotham prison and upon his arrival, the suicide rate spikes amongst top incarcerated crime figures there.

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Jason Todd is immediately transferred back to Arkham but is broken out of the paddy wagon by a group of mercenaries.

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Dick, Damian, and Jason Todd go to one of the Red Hood's weapon caches where he assembles a composite costume made from his biker and "superhero" Red Hood attire.

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Jason Todd was a part of the order for an unknown amount of time before he was exiled, partly of his own will.

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Jason Todd is forced to destroy the bodies of his teachers and friends.

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Jason Todd has been revealed to be a member of Batman, Incorporated, initially operating under the name of Wingman, an agent-based in Europe.

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Jason Todd is hurt by Batman's manipulation, and the two share harsh words and exchange blows, shattering their newfound relationship.

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Jason Todd is 'rescued' by Starfire and Arsenal, but does not regain his memories.

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Jason Todd subsequently learns of his history from Starfire's computer, which states Red Hood has made 83 confirmed kills.

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Jason Todd refuses to believe from Starfire and Arsenal that he had been on a path towards redemption and abandons his teammates.

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Jason Todd's backstory is altered to resemble his post-Crisis meeting with Batman occurring while trying to steal tires from the Batmobile.

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Jason Todd's mother is already dead by now and his father is serving a life sentence in prison, so he has been living on the streets.

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Similarly to Batman and Nightwing before him, Jason Todd typically possess no inherent super-powers and relies on natural abilities, skills, and technology; During his time as Robin and under Batman's training, Jason was initially considered a first-class athlete and a capable hand-to-hand combatant.

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Over time, Jason Todd developed his skills, becoming adept in various forms of martial arts and eventually developed keen detective skills.

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Jason Todd was taught by Batman in the use of firearms in training comparable to law enforcement agencies' requirements such as police departments or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as required for crimefighting and forensics, despite not using this skill typically when he was Robin.

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Jason Todd has access to explosives, rocket launchers, and advanced computer equipment and gadgetry.

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Jason Todd is implied to have died in the line of duty, although the exact details are not given.

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Details of Jason Todd's death are revealed in the comic book one-shot Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade, by the first series' author Frank Miller with Brian Azzarello, and art by John Romita, Jr.

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Jason Todd sneaks into the Batcave, and the first thing he sees as he boots up the bat-computers is.

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At first, Jason Todd refuses to take orders from Nightwing or work with the other Robins, but Damian threatens him by telling him that he knows his fate and can make it happen sooner than expected, referencing his death in the comics.

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An alternate version of Jason Todd appears in the timeline of the 2011 "Flashpoint" storyline, where, among other changes, Bruce Wayne was killed as a child and thus never became Batman.

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Jason Todd still died but was eventually resurrected and recovered from it physically and mentally.

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Jason Todd is a black-haired circus kid with criminal acrobats as parents who worked for Killer Croc.

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Jason Todd is killed during this storyline by his ex-girlfriend on behalf of his stepmother Catherine.

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Jason Todd was then caught in an explosion when the villain Hyena detonated a bomb intended to kill Bruce and Dark Claw.

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Jason Todd then began strangling Dick, but before he could kill him Colonel Nick Fury and Sergeant Joe Rock commandeered an aircraft and shot Deathlok several times in the back.

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Jason Todd was the rebellion's mascot, often carrying their flag and using his street smarts to help Kate and Renee in various scenarios.

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Jason Todd is eventually shot and killed by Cheetah during one of their battles.

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Jason Todd is featured in Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis, a comic book miniseries set in the universe of the Batman: Arkham games, which provides the backstory to the character's role in 2015's Batman: Arkham Knight.

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Similar to his mainstream counterpart, this version of Jason Todd was originally a young orphan living on the streets and met Batman while attempting to steal the Batmobile's tires.

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Jason Todd later sent all the footage of himself torturing and eventually shooting Jason to Batman to torment him.

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However, Jason Todd secretly survived the gunshot thanks to the hidden body armor he was wearing at the time, and the Joker would continue to keep him captive at Arkham, eventually hiring Deathstroke to watch over him.

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Later, Jason Todd adopts the "Arkham Knight" identity and uses his remaining wealth to employ his own militia, which he trains with Deathstroke's help.

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Jason Todd was resurrected by Ra's Al Ghul and began working for his cause as an impostor Batman, who uses guns.

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Jason Todd is later convinced by Damian Wayne to turn against Ra's when the latter takes it too far by using Amazo to slaughter millions.

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Harley Quinn stopped him before he could kill Jason Todd and called Batman for help, but by the time they arrived at the hideout where Jason Todd had been held, the Joker had already left with him.

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Jack reveals that Jason Todd eventually broke from the torture and said "I wish I'd never met Bruce Wayne", and that Joker let Jason Todd go free.

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Batman then asks why Jason Todd never returned to him, Jack says that the Joker was jealous of Robin for knowing who Batman was and Jason Todd hated him so much for making him Robin that he disappeared.

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Jason Todd will become the Red Hood in the third series, White Knight Presents Harley Quinn, where he and Harleen work together against the returning Neo-Joker.

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Jason Todd appears in Batman: The Adventures Continue, a comic book series set in the continuity of the DC Animated Universe.

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Jason Todd now operates as the Red Hood to honor his deceased brother and plans to get revenge on the Joker and Batman.

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Jason Todd appears in the Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham series, voiced again by Troy Baker.

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