10 Facts About Sergeant


Sergeant is a rank in both the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force.

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Sergeant is a non-commissioned officer rank in the Bangladesh Army, falling between master sergeant and corporal.

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Sergeant is a non-commissioned officer rank in the Bangladesh Air Force, falling between warrant officer and corporal.

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Sergeant is a subordinate officer rank in the Bangladesh Police, falling between assistant sub-inspector and sub-inspector (SI).

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Sergeant (French: sergent or ) is an Army or Air Force non-commissioned officer rank of the Canadian Armed Forces.

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Sergeant is the second rank of non-commissioned officer in the Irish Air Corps.

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Sergeant is the second rank in the Garda Siochana, above garda and below inspector.

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Sergeant'storically, the role of the specialist officer, until 1972 categorised as "underofficer" in Sweden is reminiscent of that of a senior non-commissioned officer in Germany, hence there was a third stipulated "corps" of junior commanding ranks, that of the underbefal, in direct translation "sub commanders" or "junior leader ranks", comprising the equivalents to the ranks of corporal (OR 4), furir (OR5) and overfurir (OR5b).

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Sergeant is senior to the rank of constable, and junior to inspector.

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Sergeant is the enlisted rank in the U S Army above specialist and corporal and below staff sergeant, and is the second-lowest grade of non-commissioned officer.

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