25 Facts About New York City

1. Amazon HQ2 in Long Island New York City leaves experts split on fate of startups.

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2. New York City is honoring those who served their country with the annual Veterans Day Parade Sunday.

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3. New York City honored those who served their country with the annual Veterans Day Parade Sunday.

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4. New York City-based O'Connor Capital Partners said it has invested an undisclosed amount in Honolulu's Kahala Mall, the firm's second investment in Hawaii.

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5. New York City is abuzz with the news that Amazon might house half of its second headquarters in Long Island City—a Queens neighborhood that's teeming with growth.

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6. New York City reportedly won over Amazon in its HQ2 quest by claiming the site was 15 minutes from LaGuardia—the worst airport in America.

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7. Alec Baldwin says he didn't punch man in New York City parking dispute.

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8. New York City faces future health costs for its retired workers of $103.2 billion, an increase of $40 billion over a decade.

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9. New York City has been a metropolitan municipality with a mayor–council form of government since its consolidation in 1898.

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10. In 2018, New York City announced a US$1 billion investment to protect the integrity of its water system and to maintain the purity of its unfiltered water supply.

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11. New York City has focused on reducing its environmental impact and carbon footprint.

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12. New York City is known for its rules regarding turning at red lights.

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13. New York City is home to hundreds of cultural institutions and historic sites, many of which are internationally known.

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14. New York City has more than 2,000 arts and cultural organizations and more than 500 art galleries of all sizes.

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15. New York City has been considered the dance capital of the world.

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16. New York City has been described as the cultural capital of the world by the diplomatic consulates of Iceland and Latvia and by New York's Baruch College.

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17. New York City experienced 352 homicides in 2015, its second lowest number on record.

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18. As of 2014, New York City hosted 300,000 employees in the tech sector.

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19. New York City is home to some of the nation's—and the world's—most valuable real estate.

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20. New York City has been ranked first among cities across the globe in attracting capital, business, and tourists.

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21. New York City has a high degree of income disparity as indicated by its Gini Coefficient of 0.5 for the city overall and 0.6 for Manhattan.

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22. New York City is home to the largest transgender population in the United States, estimated at 25,000 in 2016.

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23. New York City gained more residents between April 2010 and July 2014 than any other US city.

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24. New York City is home to Fort Hamilton, the US military's only active duty installation within the city.

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25. New York City receives 49.9 inches of precipitation annually, which is relatively evenly spread throughout the year.

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