64 Facts About Staten Island


Staten Island is a borough of New York City, coextensive with Richmond County, in the U S state of New York.

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Staten Island has sometimes been called "the forgotten borough" by inhabitants who feel neglected by the city government.

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Staten Island has Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus lines and an MTA rapid transit line, the Staten Island Railway, which runs from the ferry terminal at St George to Tottenville.

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Staten Island is the only borough not connected to the New York City Subway system.

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The free Staten Island Ferry connects the borough to Manhattan across New York Harbor.

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Staten Island was probably abandoned later, possibly because of the extirpation of large mammals on the island.

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In Lenape, one of the Algonquian languages, Staten Island was called, meaning "as far as the place of the bad woods", or, meaning "the bad woods".

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Staten Island was laced with Native American foot trails, one of which followed the south side of the ridge near the course of present-day Richmond Road and Amboy Road.

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Staten Island'sllfish was a staple of their diet, including the Eastern oyster abundant in the waterways throughout the present-day New York City region.

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Staten Island was not spared the bloodshed that culminated in Kieft's War.

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Staten Island was occupied by the British longer than any single part of the Thirteen Colonies.

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From 1800 to 1858, Staten Island was the location of the largest quarantine facility in the United States.

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Towns of Staten Island were dissolved in 1898 with the consolidation of the City of Greater New York, as Richmond County became one of the five boroughs of the expanded city.

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Staten Island is the only borough without a New York City Department of Correction major detention center.

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Construction of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, along with the other three major Staten Island bridges, created a new way for commuters and tourists to travel from New Jersey to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and areas farther east on Long Island.

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Staten Island has been at the southern terminus of various periods of glaciation.

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At the retreat of the ice sheet, Staten Island was connected by land to Long Island, as the Narrows had not yet formed.

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Staten Island is separated from Long Island by the Narrows and from mainland New Jersey by the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull.

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Staten Island is positioned at the center of New York Bight, a sharp bend in the shoreline between New Jersey and Long Island.

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Staten Island is the only borough in New York City that does not share a land border with another borough .

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Staten Island is home to a large and diverse population of wildlife.

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Wildlife found on Staten Island include white-tailed deer, as well as hundreds of species of birds including bald eagles, turkey, hawks, egrets and ring-necked pheasants.

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Staten Island is home to Atlantic horseshoe crabs, cottontail rabbits, opossums, raccoons, garter snakes, red-eared slider turtles, newts, spring peeper frogs, leopard frogs, fox, box turtles, northern snapping turtles and common snapping turtles.

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Staten Island includes thousands of acres of federal, state, and local park land, including the "greenbelt" and "blue belt" park systems and the Gateway National Recreation Area, in addition to hundreds of acres of private wooded areas.

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Parks on Staten Island are managed by various state, federal and local agencies.

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Staten Island is the only New York City borough with a non-Hispanic White majority.

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Since New York City's consolidation in 1898, Staten Island has been governed by the New York City Charter that provides for a "strong" mayor-council system.

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Staten Island's politics differ considerably from the rest of New York City.

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Staten Island is the base of New York City's Republican Party in citywide elections.

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In both elections, Staten Island was the only borough where Trump managed even 30 percent of the vote.

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Staten Island has three City Council members, the smallest number among the five boroughs.

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Staten Island was succeeded by Charles Fall, a Democrat, and the first African American elected to the Assembly from Staten Island.

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Until 2009, Staten Island was included with Brooklyn as part of New York State's 2nd Judicial District.

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In that year, Staten Island secured Judicial Independence when a new law was signed, creating New York's 13th Judicial District.

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Since 2009, Staten Island voters have had the opportunity to elect 5 Justices to the New York State Supreme Court.

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In New York City mayoral elections, Staten Island has traditionally been reliably Republican, having last voted Democratic for incumbent mayor Ed Koch in 1985.

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Staten Island had campaigned on the promise that Staten Island's grievances would be addressed.

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Staten Island is known as the borough of parks because of its numerous parks.

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Staten Island Arts is Staten Island's local arts council and helps support local artists and cultural organizations with regrants, workshops, folklife and arts-in-education programs, and advocacy.

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Staten Island is known internationally for its hip hop culture from the critically acclaimed Wu-Tang Clan.

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The fact that they live on Staten Island and not more centrally in New York City is a common joke within the series, and their attempts to take over the entire borough have resulted in control of only five houses, according to the group.

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Staten Island Yankees played in the New York–Penn League from 1999 to 2020; the team was a Class-A Minor League affiliate of the New York Yankees before being eliminated during the restructuring of Minor League Baseball.

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Three Mid-Island Little League teams and six overall from Staten Island have reached the tournament since it started in 1947.

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Staten Island has been home to a number of national champions and world-class bowlers, including Mark Roth, Johnny Petraglia, Mary Ontek, Ben McNevich, Dom LaBargo, and Joseph Berardi.

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College of Staten Island Dolphins participate in NCAA Division II athletics.

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Staten Island had a National Football League team, the Stapletons, known as the Stapes.

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Carolyn Cudone, raised on Staten Island, won a record five straight U S Senior Women's Amateur championships between 1968 and 1972, the most wins in a row by an individual in any United States Golf Association championship.

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Frank Esposito, who learned the game on Staten Island, won the 2014 PGA Tour Champions National Qualifying Tournament.

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Staten Island wrote for the Staten Island Advance as a golf columnist and was influential in bringing the US Open to Shinnecock Hills and Bethpage State Park, and promoted the creation of the New York City Amateur.

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Staten Island native Joe Moresco was President of the Metropolitan section of the PGA in 1969 and 1970, was the Section's Professional of the Year in 1971 and is a member of the PGA Metropolitan Section Hall of Fame, along with Jim Albus.

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Elmer Ripley, a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame and Staten Island native, coached the Olympic basketball teams for Israel and Canada .

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Staten Island is connected to New Jersey via three vehicular bridges and one railroad bridge.

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The Staten Island Expressway is connected to Brooklyn via the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, which carries I-278.

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Pedestrian links to Staten Island are available via a footpath on the Bayonne and Goethals Bridges.

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From 1964 to 1977, Staten Island contained the longest vertical lift, steel arch, and suspension bridges in the world: the Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge, Bayonne Bridge, and Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, respectively.

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Staten Island Ferry is the only transportation directly from Staten Island to Manhattan, roughly a 25-minute trip.

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The Staten Island Railway continued to have its own railway police, the Staten Island Rapid Transit Police, until 2005 when the 25-officer police force was consolidated into the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department.

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Staten Island is the only borough not served by the New York City Subway.

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Conrail Shared Assets Operations operates freight rail service for customers of CSX Transportation and the Norfolk Southern Railway via the Travis Branch, with a 38-acre intermodal on-dock rail facility on the West Shore of Staten Island, which connects to the National Rail System via the Arthur Kill Rail Bridge to New Jersey.

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Staten Island is the only borough without a hospital operated by New York City.

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Staten Island is the only borough without a New York City Department of Correction major detention center.

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The various police agencies on Staten Island maintain in-house holding jails for post arrest detention prior to transfer to a corrections jail in another borough.

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Staten Island has acquired a number of nicknames over the decades, some connected to the notion that it is considered an afterthought by other New York City residents.

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Hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, which originates from Staten Island, coined the nickname "Shaolin Land" for Staten Island as part of their slang.

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