5 Facts About PGA Tour

1. In 2005, the PGA Tour reached a deal with XM Satellite Radio to co-produce a channel, the PGA Tour Network, featuring event coverage and talk programming.

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2. In September 2011, the PGA Tour announced a new set of television deals running through 2021.

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3. With the exception of a few older events, PGA Tour rules require all Tour events to be non-profit; the Tour itself is a non-profit company.

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4. In 2015, the PGA Tour added a clause which would freeze an exemption for those required to perform military service in their native countries in response to South Korea's Bae Sang-moon having to leave the Tour for that reason.

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5. Additionally, the PGA Tour is not involved with the women's golf tours in the US, which are mostly controlled by the LPGA.

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