42 Facts About Korn


Korn is an American nu metal band from Bakersfield, California, formed in 1993.

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Korn made a demo tape, Neidermayer's Mind, in 1993, which was distributed free to record companies and on request to members of the public.

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The band's other recent albums, Korn III: Remember Who You Are and The Path of Totality, were released via Roadrunner Records, with The Paradigm Shift being released via Prospect Park and Caroline Records.

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Korn has released seven video albums and 50 music videos.

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Korn rented a studio from Jeff Creath called Underground Chicken Sound, in Huntington Beach, California.

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On October 11,1994, Korn released a self–titled album through Immortal Records which peaked at number one on the Heatseekers Albums chart and would eventually reach number 72 on the Billboard 200 in February 1996.

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Later that year, Korn was chosen alongside Deftones as direct support for Ozzy Osbourne.

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Korn gained more popularity after co-headlining the Lollapalooza summer tour festival in 1997 with Tool.

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However, Korn was forced to stop touring after Shaffer was diagnosed with viral meningitis.

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Korn filed a cease and desist order against Plewes and the school district for their comments.

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In 1998, Korn signed a publishing contract with Warner Chappell Music.

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In 1998, Puma seized the opportunity and offered a $500,000 deal to Korn, including their music featured in Kevin Kerslake-directed advertisements.

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Korn released their third album Follow the Leader on August 18,1998, which featured a number of guest vocalists such as Ice Cube; Pharcyde member Tre Hardson; Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit; and actor Cheech Marin on the hidden track "Earache My Eye".

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Korn launched a political campaign-styled tour to promote Follow the Leader's release, which took the group on a chartered jet all over North America.

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In September 1998, Korn signed with a second music publisher, Zomba Music Group, through negotiations of the band's then-manager Jeff Kwatinetz, along with co-founders Peter Katsis and Michael Green.

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On June 11,2002, Korn re-emerged into the media with their fifth album Untouchables.

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Korn released the single "Did My Time" on July 22,2003, which was used to promote the film Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life but did not appear on its soundtrack due to unspecified legal issues.

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Korn held a press conference at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on January 13,2006, announcing the See You on the Other Side Tour.

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Korn then performed at the MTV studios in Times Square on December 9,2006, for the MTV Unplugged series, which was broadcast on February 23,2007, through MTV.

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Korn played a 14-song acoustic set, complete with guest appearances by the Cure and Amy Lee of Evanescence.

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Korn covered the song "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" in 2008, which was originally performed by Paul Reubens, Catherine O'Hara, and Danny Elfman and was released on the compilation album Nightmare Revisited.

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Korn released a live DVD, Live at Montreux 2004, one of their performances with former guitarist Brian Welch on May 12,2008.

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Korn III: Remember Who You Are isn't a numbering device, it signifies an opening of another phase in Korn's career.

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Korn III: Remember Who You Are was released on July 13,2010.

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Korn co-headlined the Music as a Weapon V tour with Disturbed in late 2010 and early 2011.

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Korn went on to say that he would be using new recording techniques in the studio to give his riffs a fresh approach.

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Korn's comeback was initially thought to be temporary as he was only scheduled for two shows in June 2013 at Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park, but Ray Luzier announced at the January 25 Sabian show during NAMM that Welch would be working the whole tour.

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On February 18,2013, Korn posted a photo showing Head as part of the line up, which escalated rumors that he was in the process to rejoin Korn permanently.

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Korn will be the latest act to be inducted into the world-famous Hollywood Rockwalk on October 8,2013.

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Korn soon began the process of writing new songs for a twelfth studio album.

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On July 16,2016, Korn premiered a new song, "Rotting in Vain", at Chicago Open Air Festival.

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In March 2018, Korn embarked on a Japanese tour with support from Deadly Apples, including a stop at Vans Warped Tour Japan.

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On May 15,2018, Korn announced the dates of special shows in order to mark the 20th anniversary of their album Follow the Leader.

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Korn stated some of the tracks had been co-written with John Feldmann and that the band had tracked demos with Travis Barker on drums.

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In July 2020, Korn released a cover of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels, who had died earlier that year.

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The 2021 tour comes after Korn was forced to cancel their planned 2020 run with Faith No More due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Korn is identified as the pioneers of nu metal music, a form of alternative metal and post grunge music which began in the mid-1990s.

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Besides the projects of Patton, Korn had a wide range of influences that included groove-oriented metal acts such as Sepultura, Prong, and Biohazard, in addition to the dynamics and live performances of Rage Against the Machine and its frontman Zack de la Rocha.

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Much of Korn's work has been inspired by hip hop music, as suggested in the band's song "All in the Family" and the cover song of Ice Cube's "Wicked".

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Korn was greatly inspired by Billy Gould's chemistry with his Faith No More bandmates and Stanley Clarke.

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The music of Korn has been featured on various television series, including South Park, Beavis and Butt-head, Daria, and The Simpsons.

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Korn created a fan-base described by Doug Small and Eaton Entertainment as extremely loyal.

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