44 Facts About Chicago

1. Chicago is an international hub for finance, culture, commerce, industry, education, technology, telecommunications, and transportation.

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2. Chicago is home to the Barack Obama Presidential Center being built in Hyde Park on the city's South Side.

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3. Name Chicago is derived from a French rendering of the indigenous Miami-Illinois word for a wild relative of the onion; it is known to botanists as Allium tricoccum and known more commonly as "ramps".

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4. The City of Chicago was incorporated on Saturday, March 4, 1837, and for several decades was the world's fastest-growing city.

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5. In 1893, Chicago hosted the World's Columbian Exposition on former marshland at the present location of Jackson Park.

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6. Chicago was the location of the infamous St Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929, when Al Capone sent men to gun down members of a rival gang, North Side, led by Bugs Moran.

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7. Chicago was the first American city to have a homosexual-rights organization.

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8. Chicago was a hotbed of labor activism, with Unemployed Councils contributing heavily in the early depression to create solidarity for the poor and demand relief, these organizations were created by socialist and communist groups.

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9. Chicago is located in northeastern Illinois on the southwestern shores of freshwater Lake Michigan.

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10. When Chicago was founded in 1837, most of the early building was around the mouth of the Chicago River, as can be seen on a map of the city's original 58 blocks.

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11. In 2016, Chicago was ranked the sixth-most walkable large city in the United States.

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12. Chicago gave its name to the Chicago School and was home to the Prairie School, two movements in architecture.

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13. Chicago is a prominent center of the Polish Cathedral style of church architecture.

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14. Chicago is famous for its outdoor public art with donors establishing funding for such art as far back as Benjamin Ferguson's 1905 trust.

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15. Chicago became a "de jure" sanctuary city in 2012 when Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City Council passed the Welcoming City Ordinance.

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16. In 2007, Chicago was named the fourth-most important business center in the world in the MasterCard Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index.

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17. In 2009 Chicago placed ninth on the UBS list of the world's richest cities.

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18. Chicago was the base of commercial operations for industrialists John Crerar, John Whitfield Bunn, Richard Teller Crane, Marshall Field, John Farwell, Julius Rosenwald and many other commercial visionaries who laid the foundation for Midwestern and global industry.

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19. Chicago is a major world financial center, with the second-largest central business district in the United States.

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20. For six consecutive years since 2013, Chicago was ranked the nation's top metropolitan area for corporate relocations.

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21. Prominent food companies based in Chicago include the world headquarters of Conagra, Ferrara Candy Company, Kraft Heinz, McDonald's, Mondelez International, Quaker Oats, and US Foods.

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22. Late in the 19th century, Chicago was part of the bicycle craze, with the Western Wheel Company, which introduced stamping to the production process and significantly reduced costs, while early in the 20th century, the city was part of the automobile revolution, hosting the Brass Era car builder Bugmobile, which was founded there in 1907.

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23. Many of the city's financial institutions, such as the CBOT and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, are located within a section of downtown called "The Loop", which is an eight-block by five-block area of city streets that is encircled by elevated rail tracks.

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24. Ford Motor Company has an automobile assembly plant on the South Side in Hegewisch, and most of the facilities of the Port of Chicago are on the South Side.

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25. Chicago contains a number of large, outdoor works by well-known artists.

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26. The new DW60 is the first in the United States and is the sixth tallest in the US Chicago was the first city in the world to ever erect a ferris wheel.

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27. Chicago lays claim to a large number of regional specialties that reflect the city's ethnic and working-class roots.

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28. The challenge for early writers was that Chicago was a frontier outpost that transformed into a global metropolis in the span of two generations.

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29. Additionally, Chicago is one of the eight cities in the United States to have won championships in the four major professional leagues and, along with Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, is one of five cities to have won soccer championships as well.

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30. Chicago is the only city that has had more than one MLB franchise every year since the AL began in 1901.

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31. When Chicago was incorporated in 1837, it chose the motto Urbs in Horto, a Latin phrase which means "City in a Garden".

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32. From 1989 until May 16, 2011, Chicago was under the leadership of its longest-serving mayor, Richard M Daley, the son of Richard J Daley.

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33. Chicago began experiencing a massive surge in carjackings after 2019, and at least 1,415 such crimes took place in the city in 2020.

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34. William Rainey Harper, the first president of the University of Chicago, was instrumental in the creation of the junior college concept, establishing nearby Joliet Junior College as the first in the nation in 1901.

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35. Chicago is home to a number of national radio shows, including Beyond the Beltway with Bruce DuMont on Sunday evenings.

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36. Chicago is featured in a few video games, including Watch Dogs and Midtown Madness, a real-life, car-driving simulation game.

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37. Chicago is home to NetherRealm Studios, the developers of the Mortal Kombat series.

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38. Chicago is a major transportation hub in the United States.

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39. Chicago averaged 1.12 cars per household in 2016, compared to a national average of 1.8.

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40. Greyhound Lines provides inter-city bus service to and from the city, and Chicago is the hub for the Midwest network of Megabus.

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41. Chicago is one of the largest hubs of passenger rail service in the nation.

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42. In May 2019, The City of Chicago announced its Chicago's Electric Shared Scooter Pilot Program, scheduled to run from June 15 to October 15.

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43. Chicago is served by O'Hare International Airport, the world's busiest airport measured by airline operations, on the far Northwest Side, and Midway International Airport on the Southwest Side.

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44. Two of the country's premier academic medical centers reside in Chicago, including Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the University of Chicago Medical Center.

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