12 Facts About Chicago Tribune

1. In 1993, the full text of Chicago Tribune became available on the internet, it launched its first website in 1996 and its RedEye edition first became available in 2002.

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2. The Chicago Tribune moved in June 2018 to the Prudential Plaza office complex overlooking Millennium Park after Tribune Media sold Tribune Tower to developers.

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3. On November 20, 2013, the Chicago Tribune laid off another 12 or so editorial staffers.

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4. On March 15, 2012, the Chicago Tribune laid off 15 editorial staffers, including security guard Wendell Smothers.

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5. The Chicago Tribune has since filed suit against the university administration under the Freedom of Information Act to acquire the names of students benefited by administrative clout and impropriety.

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6. In May 2004, the Chicago Tribune revealed that freelance reporter Mark Falanga was unable to verify some facts that he inserted in a lifestyle-related column that ran on April 18, 2004, about an expensive lunch at a Chicago restaurant—namely, that the restaurant charged $15 for a bottle of water and $35 for a pasta entree.

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7. On September 2, 1997, the Chicago Tribune promoted longtime City Hall reporter John Kass to take Royko's place as the paper's principal Page Two news columnist.

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8. In 1997, the Chicago Tribune celebrated its 150th anniversary in part by tapping longtime reporter Stevenson Swanson to edit the book Chicago Days: 150 Defining Moments in the Life of a Great City.

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9. In March 1978, the Chicago Tribune announced that it hired columnist Bob Greene from the Chicago Sun-Times.

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10. The Chicago Tribune won its first post-McCormick Pulitzer in 1961, when Carey Orr won the award for editorial cartooning.

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11. The Chicago Tribune won the battle, adding 250,000 readers to its ranks.

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12. Under their leadership, the Chicago Tribune distanced itself from the Know Nothings, and became the main Chicago organ of the Republican Party.

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