10 Facts About Gary Johnson

1. Torquay United boss Gary Johnson wants a team capable of beating the best in National South.

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2. On May 29, 2016, Gary Johnson received the Libertarian nomination on the second ballot.

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3. In November 2014, Gary Johnson affirmed his intention to run for the 2016 Libertarian nomination.

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4. In an article for The Guardian, Gary Johnson called on United States Attorney General Eric Holder to let individual states legalize marijuana.

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5. In his acceptance speech, Gary Johnson asked the convention's delegates to nominate as his running mate Judge Jim Gray of California.

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6. On December 28, 2011, Gary Johnson formally withdrew his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, and declared his candidacy for the 2012 presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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7. In February 2011, Gary Johnson was a featured speaker at both the Conservative Political Action Conference and the Republican Liberty Caucus.

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8. In 1999, Gary Johnson became one of the highest-ranking elected officials in the US to advocate the legalization of marijuana.

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9. While in college, Gary Johnson earned money as a door-to-door handyman.

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10. In August 2018, Gary Johnson declared his intention to run for the US Senate in the 2018 New Mexico senate race against incumbent Democratic senator Martin Heinrich.

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