101 Facts About Donald Trump

1. President Donald Trump is moving to shake up the World Bank, an institution at the center of the post-World War II international order, by selecting as its next leader David Malpass, a prominent critic of the global lender.

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2. Donald Trump has seized control of the anti-abortion talking point ahead of the 2020 election and urged Congress to "defend the dignity of every person" during his State of the Union speech.

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3. President Donald Trump gave his postponed State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday, laying out policy initiatives for the next year.

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4. Donald Trump has described the regime in Iran as "the rogue regime".

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5. President Donald Trump strayed from his scripted State of the Union address Tuesday evening by calling for legal immigrants to enter the country in "the largest numbers ever", an about-face from the administration's crackdown on legal migrant flows.

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6. President Donald Trump delivers his second State of the Union address on Tuesday night at a moment of major political peril.

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7. On Tuesday, Donald Trump will meet with television anchors at the White House for an off-the-record meeting to preview his speech, according to two White House officials.

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8. President Donald Trump speaks at a press conference on the second day of the 2018 NATO Summit on July 12, 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.

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9. Donald Trump abruptly announced a deal two weeks ago to temporarily reopen the government after a 35-day long partial government shutdown that was the longest in US history.

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10. Donald Trump will speak amid a protracted battle with Congressional Democrats over his demand for $5.7 billion to build a Mexican border wall.

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11. President Donald Trump waves after stepping off Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House.

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12. Donald Trump continued to bash the player protests, a movement started in 2016 by then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

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13. Donald Trump told Brennan that a boost in TV ratings for the NFL during the 2018 season occurred because of a decline in the protests by players.

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14. Donald Trump arrived at his private club in sunny Jupiter after he escaped the bitter cold and snow in Washington a day earlier.

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15. Donald Trump referred to Northam's controversial statement on a new bill in Virginia's legislature that would roll back certain requirements for obtaining second and third-trimester abortions.

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16. President Donald Trump hosts a roundtable meeting on border security with Hispanic pastors in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, on Jan 25, 2019.

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17. Donald Trump reminded reporters Friday that military action was "always an option" in dealing with Venezuela.

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18. Donald Trump renewed his call for funding a border wall and criticized some Latin American countries such as Guatemala and Honduras, which have backed his bid to recognize the opposition in Venezuela.

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19. Donald Trump railed against Mexico, calling it "the most unsafe country in the world" and went on to attack Central America, from where migrants have fled crime and poverty in caravans attempting to enter the US Some have been met with a militant response at the border a the Trump administration enforces its hard-line on immigration.

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20. Donald Trump said he inherited "a total mess in Syria and Afghanistan", wars he pledged to pull out of during his campaign.

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21. Donald Trump told reporters Thursday that he ended the shutdown, which had affected about 800,000 federal workers, because "people were getting hurt.

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22. Donald Trump responded by canceling a military flight that was to take Pelosi and several of her House Democratic colleagues on a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan.

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23. Donald Trump is even expected to deliver what one Republican close to the White House called a "warm and fuzzy" overture to his recent nemesis in the border wall fight, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who will be sitting a few feet behind the president atop the House chamber's dais.

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24. President Donald Trump is telling conservative allies he wants to incorporate firm anti-abortion language into his State of the Union address Tuesday, and potentially include an anti-abortion figure among his list of invitees, according to four sources familiar with his plans.

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25. Donald Trump has already imposed a 25 percent duty on another $50 billion worth of Chinese goods, and Beijing has responded to Trump's actions by slapping duties on $110 billion worth of American exports.

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26. Donald Trump called Donald Trump the "most conservative president" America has ever had.

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27. Donald Trump ended the DACA program, which allowed some children who were brought to the United States illegally as children to delay deportations and become eligible for work, in September 2017.

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28. President Donald Trump used his first primetime address from the White House to call for Democrats to support spending billions to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

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29. Donald Trump called Donald Trump the "most conservative president" America has ever had.

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30. President Donald Trump celebrates how African-Americans, Latinos, women and all Americans are enjoying more prosperity than at any time in recent memory.

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31. Donald Trump has previously bragged about not hiring undocumented workers at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, saying he used E-Verify to hire workers.

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32. On Wednesday, Donald Trump insisted that his administration had made significant progress toward wrapping up the US military's longstanding engagements in the Middle East, contrasting the gains of his administration with those made under former presidents.

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33. Donald Trump tweeted his criticism of former President Barack Obama's stances on the self-styled Islamic State, North Korea and Afghanistan on Wednesday morning.

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34. Donald Trump has repeatedly bashed the groups of migrants from Central America who travel toward the US He turned it into a talking point ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

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35. In 2009, during the global recession, Donald Trump went through Chapter 11 for a fourth time with Trump Entertainment filing for bankruptcy.

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36. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters at the White House.

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37. In 2011 Donald Trump declared, "I recently spoke to Ralph Reed and Tony Perkins and I was really impressed, they have great reputations and I have been hearing about them for years.

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38. Donald Trump says he saves and stores them because, "There's no way I would do anything negative to a Bible.

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39. Donald Trump told Human Events and other news outlets that he is "a believer.

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40. Donald Trump contended that the agreement would harm the American economy and was in other respects unfair and even demeaning to the United States—historically the largest emitter of greenhouse gases and in the early 21st century the second largest emitter after China.

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41. Donald Trump pledged during his campaign that he would replace the ACA with a bill that would provide better coverage at lower premiums, and he promised that no one would lose health insurance under his plan.

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42. Donald Trump gave his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his daughter Ivanka Trump prominent roles as senior adviser to the president and assistant to the president, respectively.

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43. Donald Trump took an unusually long time to assemble his cabinet, in part because many of his nominations to positions requiring Senate confirmation were filibustered by Democrats.

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44. Donald Trump wrote about those and other issues in Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again.

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45. Donald Trump marketed his name as a brand in numerous business ventures including Trump Financial, a mortgage company, and the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, an online education company focusing on real-estate investment and entrepreneurialism.

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46. Donald Trump married the American actress Marla Maples after she gave birth to Trump's fourth child, Tiffany, in 1993.

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47. Donald Trump was the fourth of five children of Frederick Christ Trump, a successful real estate developer, and Mary MacLeod.

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48. Donald Trump was a real-estate developer and businessman who owned, managed, or licensed his name to several hotels, casinos, golf courses, resorts, and residential properties in the New York City area and around the world.

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49. Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate with his own board game.

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50. Donald Trump announced he'll be running for president in 2016.

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51. Donald Trump is closely associated with a reality TV show called The Apprentice in which the contestants take part in challenges in order to get a chance to work under American billionaires.

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52. Donald Trump has many attention-grabbing traits, and his hairstyle is one among them.

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53. Donald Trump has argued against his own impeachment because "I don't think they can impeach somebody that's doing a great job.

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54. Donald Trump publicly hinted that he might pardon Manafort, but the incoming chair of the House Judiciary Committee warned that "dangling a pardon in front of Manafort" could lead to charges of obstruction of justice.

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55. Donald Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

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56. Donald Trump brought on board politicians who had opposed him during the presidential campaign, such as neurosurgeon Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations.

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57. The next day Donald Trump said the United States is going to "be with NATO 100 percent" but repeated that the other countries have to "step up" and pay more.

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58. In September 2018, Donald Trump called "for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela" and said that "socialism has bankrupted the oil-rich nation and driven its people into abject poverty.

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59. Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6, 2017, despite criticism and warnings from world leaders.

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60. Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that was negotiated with the United States, Iran, and five other world powers in 2015, calling it "terrible" and saying that the Obama administration negotiated the agreement "from desperation.

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61. Donald Trump praised Poland under the EU-skeptic, anti-immigrant Law and Justice party as a defender of Western civilization.

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62. Donald Trump says America should look inward, stop "nation building", and re-orient its resources toward domestic needs.

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63. Donald Trump supports increasing United States military defense spending, but favors decreasing United States spending on NATO and in the Pacific region.

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64. On January 25, 2019, Congress passed and Donald Trump signed a 3-week appropriation bill to fund the government while negotiations on border security funding take place.

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65. Donald Trump pledged to massively deport illegal immigrants residing in the United States, and criticized birthright citizenship for creating "anchor babies".

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66. Donald Trump promised to build a more substantial wall on the Mexico–United States border to keep out illegal immigrants and vowed that Mexico would pay for it.

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67. Donald Trump supports a broad interpretation of the Second Amendment and is opposed to gun control in general, although his views have shifted over time.

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68. Donald Trump has expressed a desire to "let Obamacare fail", and the Trump administration has cut the ACA enrollment period in half and drastically reduced funding for advertising and other ways to encourage enrollment.

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69. In 1999, Donald Trump told Larry King Live: "I believe in universal healthcare.

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70. Donald Trump signed a Congressional Review Act disapproval resolution, the first in 16 years and second overall.

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71. In March 2018, Donald Trump signed an order imposing import tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum, with exemptions for Canada, Mexico, and possibly other countries.

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72. Donald Trump adopted his current views on trade issues in the 1980s.

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73. Donald Trump is the first president without prior government or military service.

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74. Donald Trump retweeted open racists, and repeatedly refused to condemn David Duke, the Ku Klux Klan or white supremacists, in an interview on CNN's State of the Union, saying that he would first need to "do research" because he knew nothing about Duke or white supremacists.

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75. Donald Trump said his wealth would make him immune to pressure from campaign donors.

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76. On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

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77. In February 2015, Donald Trump told NBC that he was not prepared to sign on for another season of The Apprentice, as he mulled his political future.

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78. Donald Trump responded that while New York had problems and its taxes were too high, he was not interested in the governorship.

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79. On May 16, 2011, Donald Trump announced he would not run for president in the 2012 election.

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80. Donald Trump publicly speculated about running for president in the 2012 election, and made his first speaking appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February 2011.

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81. In 1987 Donald Trump spent $94,801 to place full-page advertisements in three major newspapers, proclaiming that "America should stop paying to defend countries that can afford to defend themselves.

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82. Donald Trump made donations to both the Democratic and the Republican party, party committees, and candidates until 2010 when he stopped donating to Democrats and increased his donations to Republicans considerably.

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83. Donald Trump uses Twitter as a direct means of communication with the public, sidelining the press.

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84. Donald Trump communicated heavily on Twitter during the 2016 election campaign, and has continued to use this channel during his presidency.

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85. Donald Trump has privately and publicly mused about taking away critical reporters' White House press credentials.

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86. Donald Trump continued to maintain this position as late as 2016.

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87. Donald Trump is the only elected president who did not place first on Gallup's poll of men Americans most admired in his first year in office, coming in second behind Obama.

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88. Donald Trump received a higher rating in only two countries: Russia and Israel.

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89. Donald Trump performed a song with Megan Mullally at the 57th Primetime Emmy Awards in 2005.

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90. Donald Trump has made cameo appearances in 12 films and 14 television series, including as the father of one of the characters in The Little Rascals.

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91. In 2003, Donald Trump became the executive producer and host of the NBC reality show The Apprentice, in which contestants competed for a one-year management job with the Trump Organization; applicants were successively eliminated from the game with the catchphrase "You're fired".

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92. Donald Trump acted as a financial advisor to Mike Tyson.

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93. Donald Trump hosted several boxing matches at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, including Mike Tyson's 1988 heavyweight championship fight against Michael Spinks.

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94. Donald Trump began acquiring and constructing golf courses in 1999; his first property was the Trump International Golf Club, West Palm Beach in Florida.

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95. Donald Trump acquired his third casino in Atlantic City, the Taj Mahal, in 1988 while it was under construction, through a complex transaction with Merv Griffin and Resorts International.

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96. In 2002, Donald Trump acquired the former Hotel Delmonico, which was renovated and reopened in 2004 as the Trump Park Avenue; the building consisted of 35 stories of luxury condominiums.

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97. In 1978, Donald Trump launched his Manhattan real estate business by purchasing a 50 percent stake in the derelict Commodore Hotel, located next to Grand Central Terminal.

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98. Donald Trump worked for his father to revitalize the Swifton Village apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio, which the elder Trump had bought in 1964.

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99. Donald Trump reported hundreds of millions of dollars of yearly income from 2014 to 2018.

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100. Donald Trump amassed a fortune operating boomtown restaurants and boarding houses in the Seattle area and the Klondike region of Canada during its gold rush.

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101. Donald Trump graduated in May 1968 with a BSc in economics.

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