18 Facts About Quaker Oats


Quaker Oats Company, known as Quaker, is an American food conglomerate based in Chicago.

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In 1881, Henry Crowell bought the Quaker Mill Company, and the following year he launched a national advertising campaign for Quaker Oats, introducing a cereal box that made it possible to buy in quantities other than bulk.

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Quaker Oats bought the bankrupt Quaker Oat Mill Company in Ravenna, and held the key positions of general manager, president and chairman of the company from 1888 until late 1943, becoming known as the cereal tycoon.

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In 1908, Quaker Oats introduced the first in a series of cookie recipes on the box.

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In 1982, Quaker Oats purchased US Games, a company that created games for the Atari 2600.

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That same year, Quaker Oats acquired Florida-based orange juice plant Ardmore Farms, which it would own until selling it to Country Pure Foods in 1998.

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In 1983, Quaker Oats bought Stokely-Van Camp, Inc, makers of Van Camp's and Gatorade.

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In 1996, Quaker Oats spun off its frozen food business, selling it to Aurora Foods .

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Quaker Oats went on to rebuild the facility, incorporating the few areas of the structure that were not destroyed by fire.

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The Quaker Oats plant sells cereal production byproducts to companies that use them to create fire logs and pellets.

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In 1955, Quaker Oats again gave away land as part of a promotion, this one tied to the Sergeant Preston of the Yukon television show in the United States.

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Quaker Oats offered in its Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice cereal boxes genuine deeds to land in the Klondike.

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Quaker Oats logo starting in 1877 had a figure of a Quaker man depicted full-length, sometimes holding a scroll with the word "Pure" written across it, resembling the classic woodcuts of William Penn, the 17th-century philosopher and early Quaker.

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Quaker Oats's image is that of a man dressed in Quaker garb, including a Quaker hat, chosen because the Quaker faith projected the values of honesty, integrity, purity and strength.

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In recent years, Friends have twice protested the Quaker Oats name being used for advertising campaigns seen as promoting violence.

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In 1990, some Quakers started a letter-writing campaign after a Quaker Oats advertisement depicted Popeye as a "Quakerman" who used violence against aliens, sharks, and Bluto.

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The plaintiffs alleged that Quaker Oats marketed its products as healthy even though they contained unhealthy trans fat.

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In 2014, Quaker Oats agreed to remove trans fats from its products, at a cost of $1.

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