716 Facts About MLB

1. Patrick Mahomes is the godson of former Major League pitcher LaTroy Hawkins, who was a teammate of his father's on the Minnesota Twins.

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2. Bryce Harper is expected to receive the $17.9 million qualifying offer from the Nationals before Friday's deadline, Chelsea Janes of The Washington Post reports.

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3. Manny Machado charged the mound after Ventura hit Machado with a first-pitch, 99-mph fastball in the back.

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4. Eric Hosmer was rated the eighth best overall prospect by Baseball America, and the top Royals prospect overall.

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5. Jackie Robinson became an outstanding athlete at Pasadena Junior College before transferring to the University of California at Los Angeles in 1940, where he won renown as the "Jim Thorpe of his race", the nation's finest all-around athlete.

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6. In 1946 Jackie Robinson joined the Montreal Royals of the International League, the top farm club in the Dodger system.

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7. Jackie Robinson left college before graduating, having used up his athletic eligibility.

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8. Manny Machado tied the MLB record for most grand slams in a season age 24 or younger.

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9. Eric Hosmer won his third consecutive Gold Glove Award in 2015.

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10. Bryce Harper was born on October 16, 1992, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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11. Jackie Robinson is a household name today because he was the first player to break the color barrier of Major League Baseball.

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12. Bryce Harper was the selected by the Nationals with the first overall pick in the 2010 Major League Baseball.

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13. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

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14. Manny Machado had five RBIs in the game, and joined the likes of Miguel Tejada and Jim Gentile as the only Orioles players with four five-RBI games in the same season.

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15. Manny Machado played shortstop, instead of being the DH, as he did with the Orioles, and he was pulled after the fifth inning.

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16. Ichiro Suzuki won six more batting titles and three MVP Awards, as well as the Japanese championship with the 1996 Blue Wave team.

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17. Ichiro Suzuki has an elder brother, Kazuyasu Suzuki, who is a fashion designer.

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18. Jackie Robinson enrolled at UCLA in 1939 and again was a four-sport letter-winner in football, basketball, track and field and baseball.

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19. Bryce Harper would seem to be in line for a big contract whenever he signs.

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20. Aaron Judge might be the talk of the Big Apple, but his star shines from coast to coast in the United States.

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21. Mike Trout set single-game career highs in doubles, extra base hits, and total bases (11).

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22. Patrick Mahomes entered his freshman season as a backup to Davis Webb.

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23. Jackie Robinson was a political independent, but had very conservative views on the Vietnam War.

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24. Ichiro Suzuki won his second consecutive and third overall Fielding Bible Award for his statistically based defensive excellence in right field.

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25. Jackie Robinson engaged Presidents regarding black liberation in Africa and Dr King's anti-war stance.

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26. Tim Hudson served in the same role for the Braves in 2018.

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27. Bryce Harper was born in October of 1992, so the first baseball season of his life was the 1993 season.

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28. Kris Bryant finished second in the All-Star Final Vote, behind Justin Turner, and did not make the All-Star team.

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29. Jackie Robinson is a famous name because he was the first African-American to play professional baseball in the Major Leagues.

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30. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

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31. Bryce Harper makes less since for the Yankees than other teams.

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32. Bryce Harper will be guest picker when "College GameDay" visits Columbus.

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33. Mike Trout became the first player since Barry Bonds to be among the top three in MVP voting in four straight seasons.

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34. Jackie Robinson played a total of 10 years for the Dodgers, retiring after the 1956 season.

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35. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

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36. On June 27, 2013, Manny Machado argued a correctly ruled strike-three call, leading to his first career MLB ejection.

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37. Ichiro Suzuki watches the final game and attends its awards ceremony every year.

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38. Kris Bryant finished with 155 games played, as he stayed remarkably healthy.

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39. Eric Hosmer planned to attend Arizona State if negotiations with an MLB team did not go through.

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40. Adrian Beltre led the Majors in doubles, with 49.

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41. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

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42. Bryce Harper went 2-for-3 in his AA debut with two singles, a run, and a walk.

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43. Patrick Mahomes put on a resilient display in passing for nearly 500 yards against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night, but turnovers ultimately proved to be his Achilles' heel.

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44. San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Hudson will take the mound for the Giants in Game 3 of the World Series Friday night.

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45. Jackie Robinson was not necessarily the best player in the Negro leagues, and black talents Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson were upset when Robinson was selected first.

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46. Ichiro Suzuki finished the 2004 season with a record 262 hits, giving him the single-season records for both the United States and Japanese baseball.

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47. Jackie Robinson portrayed himself in the 1950 motion picture The Jackie Robinson Story.

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48. Patrick Mahomes rolls left and throws deep right, then rolls right and throws deep left.

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49. Mike Trout had committed to play baseball at East Carolina University prior to the 2009 MLB Draft.

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50. Patrick Mahomes throws for season-high 478 yards, 6 touchdowns in Chiefs' loss.

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51. Jackie Robinson started his first season with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

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52. In 1936, Jackie Robinson won the junior boys singles championship in the annual Pacific Coast Negro Tennis Tournament and earned a place on the Pomona annual baseball tournament all-star team, which included future Hall of Famers Ted Williams and Bob Lemon.

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53. Ichiro Suzuki was the sixth player in MLB history to start a career with two 200-hit seasons.

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54. Patrick Mahomes was a top prospect for the 2014 Major League Baseball draft, but was not expected to be selected high due to his commitment to Texas Tech.

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55. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

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56. Patrick Mahomes completed 13 of 21 passes for 109 yards in the game.

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57. Manny Machado has a career DRS of 84 at the hot corner with an eye-popping 50.6 UZR.

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58. Adrian Beltre announces his retirement after a 21-year MLB career.

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59. In 1962, Jackie Robinson was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame during his first year of eligibility.

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60. Jackie Robinson began playing in the Negro Leagues, but he was chosen by Branch Rickey, president of the Brooklyn Dodgers, to help integrate Major League Baseball.

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61. On November 19, Bryce Harper was selected as the 2015 National League Most Valuable Player by unanimous decision.

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62. Aaron Judge struck out an MLB-leading 208 times, breaking the Yankees record previously set by Curtis Granderson in 2012 and a rookie record previously set by Kris Bryant in 2015.

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63. Jackie Robinson remains the only UCLA athlete to ever letter in four sports.

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64. Bryce Harper was selected to represent the United States in the 2011 All-Star Futures Game during the 2011 All Star Game weekend.

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65. Patrick Mahomes is a limitless quarterback leading a historically limited team.

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66. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

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67. On October 5, 2010, Tim Hudson was awarded the 2010 NL Comeback Player of the Year award.

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68. Patrick Mahomes is in the midst of an MVP-caliber season as the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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69. Ichiro Suzuki set a Japanese single-season record with 210 hits, the first player ever to top 200 hits in a single season.

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70. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

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71. Bryce Harper told the Washington Post he stands behind what he says.

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72. Manny Machado caught the foot of Brewers' first baseman Jesus Aguilar with his own, which prompted the benches to clear.

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73. In 2017, Eric Hosmer played all 162 regular season games and finished with a career-high.

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74. Manny Machado finished his rookie season having played in all 51 of the remaining Oriole games.

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75. Adrian Beltre finishes third in career WAR among third basemen, behind only Mike Schmidt and Eddie Mathews.

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76. Mike Trout adopted the nickname "Millville Meteor" after a prankster edited his Wikipedia article and the name caught on.

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77. Adrian Beltre entered the league in 1998 and played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox and Rangers.

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78. Bryce Harper is certainly that as he is the best player to reach MLB free agency since Alex Rodriguez 18 years ago.

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79. Bryce Harper would provide the Giants with the power bat they've long sought after.

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80. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

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81. Bryce Harper picked up his pink Mother's Day bat and strode to the plate seven times, then proceeded to stride leisurely to first base each time.

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82. George Springer might be a better comp for him at this point, but I still like him.

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83. Jackie Robinson was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962, his first year of eligibility.

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84. Ichiro Suzuki achieved 10 consecutive 200-hit seasons, the longest streak by any player in history.

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85. Kris Bryant was named the Baseball America Rookie of the Year for the 2015 season, making him the first in history to win the Baseball America college player, minor league player, and major league rookie of the year awards in successive seasons.

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86. Bryce Harper walked 108 times, and 20 of them were intentional that led MLB.

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87. On March 18, 2011, Ichiro Suzuki donated ¥100 million to the Japanese Red Cross for earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

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88. Bryce Harper made his MLB debut with the Nationals the next day against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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89. Manny Machado came up to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning against Boston Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel, who had already allowed a 2-run home run in the inning.

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90. Patrick Mahomes led the NFL in passing touchdowns and yards (3,150) heading into Week 11, a slate that includes Monday night's game between the Chiefs and Rams in Los Angeles.

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91. On May 8, 2016, Bryce Harper was walked six times in a game against the Chicago Cubs, tying the MLB record for most walks in a game.

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92. Jackie Robinson joined the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro League in 1945 for a reported $400 a month.

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93. Eric Hosmer advanced in Minor League Baseball before debuting in MLB during the 2011 season.

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94. Mike Trout attended Millville Senior High School in Millville, New Jersey where he played both baseball and basketball, earning five letters.

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95. Eric Hosmer is known by the name "Left-handed hitter with raw power" and high school top power hitter.

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96. Jackie Robinson steals home in game 1 of the 1955 World Series.

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97. Patrick Mahomes explained to Sports Illustrated that his passion was for football not baseball.

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98. Bryce Harper showed up on College Gameday dressed in his Ohio State best.

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99. Eric Hosmer was born in 1980s, in the middle of Millennials generation.

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100. In 1942, Jackie Robinson was drafted and assigned to a segregated Army cavalry unit in Fort Riley, Kansas.

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101. Jackie Robinson was traded in December 1956 to the New York Giants.

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102. George Springer made his MLB debut in 2014, as a member of the Astros.

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103. Jackie Robinson played in six World Series, but only won one in 1955 against the New York Yankees in a seven game series.

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104. Manny Machado has a dog named Kobe, as he was a huge Kobe Bryant fan growing up.

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105. Mike Trout was selected to play in the All-Star Futures Game.

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106. Aaron Judge attended Linden High School, where he was a three-sport star.

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107. Ichiro Suzuki won his second Fielding Bible Award as the best fielding right fielder in MLB.

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108. Manny Machado has never finished higher than fourth in MVP voting, and has never received one single first-place vote.

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109. Mike Trout led off the 2015 MLB All-Star Game with a home run, becoming the fourth player in All-Star Game history to do so.

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110. Jackie Robinson openly criticized segregated hotels and restaurants that served the Dodger organization; a number of these establishments integrated as a result, including the five-star Chase Park Hotel in St Louis.

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111. In 2000, Ichiro Suzuki was still a year away from being eligible for free agency, but the Blue Wave was no longer among Japan's best teams.

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112. Mike Trout hit his 200th career home run off of Marco Gonzales of the Seattle Mariners on September 29, 2017.

FactSnippet No. 521,146 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

113. Aaron Judge hit a home run in his second MLB game, becoming the second Yankees player to do so, after Joe Lefebvre in 1980.

FactSnippet No. 27,232 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

114. Kris Bryant must be a car guy because the first thing he scooped up was an Audi.

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115. Manny Machado recently clarified his comments from the 2018 postseason with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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116. Jackie Robinson married a woman he met while at UCLA named Rachel Isum and together the two had three children together.

FactSnippet No. 820,321 - MLB

117. Patrick Mahomes remembers playing catch with the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter.

FactSnippet No. 802,449 - MLB

118. On September 26, 2015, Tim Hudson started against Zito and the Athletics in a matchup that was arranged as a tribute to the A's "Big Three" of the early 2000s.

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119. Bryce Harper led the majors in WAR and tied for the NL home run title with 42.

FactSnippet No. 771,858 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

120. Aaron Judge was unanimously voted as the American League Rookie of the Year.

FactSnippet No. 27,237 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

121. In 1962, Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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122. Aaron Judge became the fifth player in Yankees history to start an All-Star Game in each of his first two seasons.

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123. Mike Trout has led AL position players in WAR in four consecutive seasons and is on pace to do it again.

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124. Mike Trout joined Barry Bonds as the only other player in MLB history to finish top 2 for the MVP in five straight seasons.

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125. Patrick Mahomes is not expected to miss any preparation for Monday night's showdown with the Rams in Los Angeles, though Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he would be fine if it happens.

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126. Jackie Robinson influenced the culture of and contributed significantly to the civil rights movement.

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127. In 2010, Eric Hosmer was named the seventh best first base prospect by Scout.

FactSnippet No. 192,174 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

128. Aaron Judge received two seventh place and two tenth place votes to finish 12th in the overall AL MVP voting.

FactSnippet No. 131,999 - MLB

129. Jackie Robinson was a vocal champion for African-American athletes, civil rights and other social and political causes, serving on the board of the NAACP until 1967.

FactSnippet No. 150,987 - MLB

130. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 614,363 - MLB

131. Manny Machado discusses free agency process, controversial comments on hustling.

FactSnippet No. 182,857 - MLB

132. Patrick Mahomes had an interception returned for a touchdown for the first time.

FactSnippet No. 151,441 - MLB

133. Ichiro Suzuki spent most of his first two professional seasons in the minor leagues, but the new Orix manager gave him the chance to start in 1994, and he responded with a record 210 hits and Pacific League-leading.

FactSnippet No. 565,796 - MLB

134. Manny Machado made 21 errors, fifth-most of all players in the AL and second-most of all AL third basemen.

FactSnippet No. 802,593 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

135. Manny Machado said he'd be willing to talk with any interested team.

FactSnippet No. 182,835 - MLB

136. Since 2015, Ichiro Suzuki has played outfield for the Miami Marlins.

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137. Kris Bryant was very difficult to place on this list.

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138. Manny Machado is arguably the best player in free agency this offseason.

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139. Jackie Robinson was the commercial bank's first Chairman of the Board.

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140. Manny Machado could command an average yearly salary worth twice as much as what Segura will earn.

FactSnippet No. 182,854 - MLB

141. In November 2014, Manny Machado married longtime girlfriend Yainee Alonso, the sister of Yonder Alonso.

FactSnippet No. 182,815 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

142. Bryce Harper is 25 years old, and made his MLB debut back in April 2012.

FactSnippet No. 771,873 - MLB

143. On that 1939 team, Jackie Robinson was one of four African American players for the Bruins, which made it the most integrated major college football team at the time.

FactSnippet No. 820,311 - MLB

144. George Springer started the 2018 postseason off on a strong note, hitting a home run off of Corey Kluber in Game 1 of the 2018 American League Division Series.

FactSnippet No. 513,701 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

145. Eric Hosmer attracted twenty or more MLB and college scouts who evaluated Hosmer's every move.

FactSnippet No. 844,463 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

146. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 580,108 - MLB

147. Bryce Harper owns a customized Mercedes-Benz CLS, outfitted with a low-light glow bat enclosure in the trunk and Nationals curly "W" insignia on the rear of the car replacing the Mercedes logo.

FactSnippet No. 198,317 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

148. Ichiro Suzuki finished the season second in the AL in hits, fourth in batting average, and fourth in steals.

FactSnippet No. 565,728 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

149. Manny Machado hit the homer in his 578th game, making him the third-fastest Oriole to 100 homers.

FactSnippet No. 802,597 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

150. Adrian Beltre retires after 21 MLB seasons and 3,166 hits.

FactSnippet No. 156,902 - MLB

151. On September 26, 2009, Ichiro Suzuki was ejected from a game for the first time in his professional career.

FactSnippet No. 565,753 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

152. Bryce Harper was chosen by the Nationals with the first overall pick in the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft.

FactSnippet No. 198,345 - MLB

153. In May and June, Ichiro Suzuki hit in 25 consecutive games, breaking the previous Seattle Mariners record set by Joey Cora in 1997.

FactSnippet No. 565,739 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

154. On July 23, 2014, George Springer was placed on the 15-day disabled list due to a left quad strain.

FactSnippet No. 513,695 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

155. Jackie Robinson died on October 24, 1972, in Stamford, Connecticut from heart problems and diabetes complications.

FactSnippet No. 150,988 - MLB

156. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 561,180 - MLB

157. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 585,309 - MLB

158. Patrick Mahomes stands 1.88 m tall with a balanced weight of 104 Kg.

FactSnippet No. 802,458 - MLB

159. Jackie Robinson became the first black athlete to play Major League Baseball in the 20th century when he took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

FactSnippet No. 150,975 - MLB

160. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 606,395 - MLB

161. Bryce Harper owns few of the most excellent luxury cars in the world.

FactSnippet No. 198,371 - MLB

162. Ichiro Suzuki appeared in just 15 games with the Mariners before abruptly transitioning to a position with the team's front office on May 8, ending his 2018 season.

FactSnippet No. 565,806 - MLB

163. On June 25, Ichiro Suzuki became the oldest player to start a game in center field since at least 1900, breaking the record previously held by Rickey Henderson.

FactSnippet No. 565,776 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

164. George Springer was named the World Series Most Valuable Player, going 11 for 29 with 7 RBI as the Astros' leadoff hitter.

FactSnippet No. 513,699 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

165. Jackie Robinson was the first black television analyst in MLB and the first black vice president of a major American corporation, Chock full o'Nuts.

FactSnippet No. 150,895 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

166. In 1941, despite his athletic success, Jackie Robinson was forced to leave UCLA just shy of graduation due to financial hardship.

FactSnippet No. 150,980 - MLB

167. Patrick Mahomes has the type of arm that can lead to assumptions.

FactSnippet No. 151,464 - MLB

168. Manny Machado has achieved a lot as a baseball player, setting himself apart.

FactSnippet No. 182,904 - MLB

169. Jackie Robinson channeled his frustration and anger over racism into sports.

FactSnippet No. 151,128 - MLB

170. Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919 and his family moved to Pasadena in 1920.

FactSnippet No. 769,041 - MLB

171. Jackie Robinson has retired from baseball and now lives in Connecticut with his family.

FactSnippet No. 786,191 - MLB

172. Ichiro Suzuki finished his second year in American baseball with 208 total hits, making him the first Mariners player ever with two consecutive seasons of 200+ hits.

FactSnippet No. 565,725 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

173. Kris Bryant had a 119 adjusted OPS this season and has 1,081 career total bases.

FactSnippet No. 546,473 - MLB

174. In 1938, Jackie Robinson received the Most Valuable Player award for baseball in the regional junior college league.

FactSnippet No. 151,010 - MLB

175. Eric Hosmer began playing baseball at an early age, using a Tony Gwynn teeball hitter to take practice swings.

FactSnippet No. 844,462 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

176. On November 12, 2009, Tim Hudson signed a $28 million, three-year extension with the Braves with a $9 million option for a fourth year.

FactSnippet No. 674,668 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

177. On Wednesday, word surfaced that Patrick Mahomes loves ketchup so much that he puts it on everything—even when he orders steak.

FactSnippet No. 151,493 - MLB

178. Eric Hosmer is usually an initial baseman who bats and throws remaining handed.

FactSnippet No. 192,202 - MLB

179. Jackie Robinson took the former player's advice and wrote to Monarchs' co-owner Thomas Baird.

FactSnippet No. 150,908 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

180. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 607,551 - MLB

181. Tim Hudson pitched nine seasons with the Braves and then signed with the San Francisco Giants in 2103.

FactSnippet No. 674,693 - MLB

182. Patrick Mahomes is an American football player who started his professional career with the Kansas City Chiefs as the tenth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

FactSnippet No. 151,542 - MLB

183. George Springer married his girlfriend Charlise Castro on the 20th of January 2018.

FactSnippet No. 734,688 - MLB

184. Jackie Robinson suffered from diabetes and heart disease and ultimately died of a heart attack.

FactSnippet No. 820,299 - MLB

185. In 2003, Ichiro Suzuki became just the third player in history to begin his career with three 200-hit seasons, by garnering 212.

FactSnippet No. 565,730 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

186. George Springer was lucky to avoid the slings and arrows of playground teasing or taunting.

FactSnippet No. 734,690 - MLB

187. Jackie Robinson went on to play all four sports at UCLA and was the first athlete at the school to win varsity letters in all four sports.

FactSnippet No. 769,034 - MLB

188. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 581,442 - MLB

189. Bryce Harper has plenty of decisions to make this coming offseason, but first he'll make a pit stop in Columbus.

FactSnippet No. 198,339 - MLB

190. Mike Trout was voted to be a starting outfielder for the American League in the All-Star Game, but did not participate due to his thumb injury.

FactSnippet No. 521,145 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

191. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has set the NFL on fire this year, setting some new league records along the way.

FactSnippet No. 151,528 - MLB

192. Tim Hudson was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the 6th round of the 1997 amateur draft.

FactSnippet No. 674,659 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

193. On May 28, 2017, Mike Trout left the game after spraining his left thumb.

FactSnippet No. 521,144 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

194. Patrick Mahomes was the star of stars in an NFL season that was all about unstoppable offenses and superior quarterback play.

FactSnippet No. 841,321 - MLB

195. Manny Machado could play shortstop until Gregorius, the superior defender, returns.

FactSnippet No. 182,820 - MLB

196. The next day, Manny Machado issued a formal apology to his teammates and the Oakland players, specifically Derek Norris.

FactSnippet No. 182,797 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

197. On May 14, 2012, Bryce Harper hit his first Major League home run off of San Diego Padres pitcher Tim Stauffer.

FactSnippet No. 198,302 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

198. Jackie Robinson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.

FactSnippet No. 150,893 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

199. Kris Bryant made his debut that day at Wrigley Field, going 0-for-4 with three strikeouts.

FactSnippet No. 521,532 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

200. Kris Bryant started last season with the Cubs Double-A team in Tennessee.

FactSnippet No. 546,475 - MLB

201. Jackie Robinson was stationed in Fort Hood, Texas for a bit, and in 2016 the base named its softball field after him.

FactSnippet No. 820,315 - MLB

202. Ichiro Suzuki made his Pacific League debut in 1992 at the age of 18, but he spent most of his first two seasons in the farm system because his then-manager, Shozo Doi, refused to accept Ichiro's unorthodox swing.

FactSnippet No. 565,719 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

203. Ichiro Suzuki played for the Japan national baseball team in the inaugural World Baseball Classic in March 2006.

FactSnippet No. 565,736 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

204. Ichiro Suzuki would go on to hit safely in his first 12 games as a Yankee, tying a record set by Don Slaught.

FactSnippet No. 565,768 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

205. Mike Trout already has five seasons of at least 6 WAR.

FactSnippet No. 546,285 - MLB

206. Eric Hosmer has 27 RBI in his first 28 postseason games.

FactSnippet No. 192,191 - MLB

207. Ichiro Suzuki established a number of batting records, including MLB's single-season record for hits with 262.

FactSnippet No. 565,707 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

208. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 599,116 - MLB

209. Kris Bryant struck out 199 times, which led the National League and set a new rookie record.

FactSnippet No. 521,535 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

210. Eric Hosmer was 21 years old when he broke into the big leagues on May 6, 2011, with the Kansas City Royals.

FactSnippet No. 192,205 - MLB

211. Patrick Mahomes offered lifetime supply of ketchup for 57 TD passes.

FactSnippet No. 151,499 - MLB

212. Manny Machado was the final out of the 2018 World Series, striking out against Chris Sale to end game five.

FactSnippet No. 182,810 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

213. Jackie Robinson was an exceptional athlete and a civil rights leader.

FactSnippet No. 820,307 - MLB

214. Manny Machado spent most of his career in Baltimore batting third in the Orioles' lineup.

FactSnippet No. 182,900 - MLB

215. Kris Bryant was named co-player of the week, along with Mitch Haniger, in the first week of the fall league season.

FactSnippet No. 521,529 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

216. Tim Hudson is attending classes at Auburn University this spring as he works toward finishing his degree.

FactSnippet No. 674,688 - MLB

217. On November 20, 2018, Adrian Beltre announced his retirement with the Rangers.

FactSnippet No. 156,857 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

218. The next day, Manny Machado issued a formal apology to his teammates and Oakland.

FactSnippet No. 802,592 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

219. Bryce Harper married longtime girlfriend Kayla Varner in a ceremony at the San Diego California Temple in December 2016.

FactSnippet No. 198,316 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

220. Mike Trout was sent back to Double-A Arkansas on August 1, 2011 after hitting.

FactSnippet No. 521,123 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

221. George Springer made his MLB debut on April 16, 2014, as a member of the Astros.

FactSnippet No. 513,682 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

222. Manny Machado made his professional debut with the Gulf Coast League Orioles on August 27, 2010, where he went 0-for-3 with a strikeout.

FactSnippet No. 182,786 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

223. In 2001, Ichiro Suzuki became the first Japanese-born position player to be posted and signed to an MLB club.

FactSnippet No. 565,710 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

224. On November 6, 2017, it was revealed that Aaron Judge would be the cover athlete for MLB The Show 18, as well as an endorsement deal with Pepsi.

FactSnippet No. 388,075 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

225. Bryce Harper married his longtime girlfriend Kayla Varner at the San Diego California in December 2016.

FactSnippet No. 198,383 - MLB

226. Mike Trout proposed to longtime girlfriend Jessica Cox in July 2016.

FactSnippet No. 521,153 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

227. Adrian Beltre signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers when he was just 15 years old.

FactSnippet No. 156,927 - MLB

228. Patrick Mahomes threw three interceptions, two on the final two drives of the game, one of which went to a familiar face in Marcus Peters.

FactSnippet No. 151,484 - MLB

229. Jackie Robinson ended his major league career when he struck out to end Game 7 of the 1956 World Series.

FactSnippet No. 150,928 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

230. Patrick Mahomes finished 2nd in the NFL in passing yards.

FactSnippet No. 841,310 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

231. Bryce Harper has spent his whole career playing in Washington, and instantly became the face of the franchise.

FactSnippet No. 198,340 - MLB

232. Jackie Robinson played himself in The Jackie Robinson Story, a biopic about his life released in 1950.

FactSnippet No. 769,045 - MLB

233. In 1962 Jackie Robinson became the first African American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

FactSnippet No. 151,117 - MLB

234. Jackie Robinson was an incredible athlete who was the first Black person to play Major League Baseball since the 1880s.

FactSnippet No. 151,023 - MLB

235. Ichiro Suzuki finished first or second in hits in all of his first 10 MLB seasons.

FactSnippet No. 565,761 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

236. Mike Trout was the first position player to have a WAR above 10.0 since Barry Bonds for the San Francisco Giants in 2004.

FactSnippet No. 521,129 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

237. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 608,967 - MLB

238. Mike Trout was again named an outfielder on Baseball Americas 2011 Minor League All Star team.

FactSnippet No. 521,124 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

239. Patrick Mahomes was selected by the Detroit Tigers in the 37th round, but did not sign.

FactSnippet No. 802,430 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

240. Aaron Judge ended the season with 52 home runs, breaking Mark McGwire's MLB rookie record of 49 and the Yankees' full-season rookie record of 29.

FactSnippet No. 388,053 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

241. Manny Machado made 14 errors, second-most among all AL third basemen.

FactSnippet No. 802,603 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

242. Jackie Robinson appeared on a US postage stamp in 1982.

FactSnippet No. 151,071 - MLB

243. Patrick Mahomes started to scramble but threw to Kelce high and hard and into the arms of Broncos safety Justin Simmons.

FactSnippet No. 151,471 - MLB

244. The next day at Wrigley, Kris Bryant recorded his first hit, an RBI single.

FactSnippet No. 521,533 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

245. Jackie Robinson endured unthinkable abuse from fans and occasionally players, but carried himself with dignity and poise as he helped the organization to six National League pennants and the 1955 World Series championship.

FactSnippet No. 151,171 - MLB

246. Mike Trout is a season ticket holder of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League.

FactSnippet No. 521,152 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

247. Bryce Harper and Manny Machado have been the talk of the MLB's offseason.

FactSnippet No. 182,874 - MLB

248. Jackie Robinson was both an incredible athlete and a well-rounded person.

FactSnippet No. 151,012 - MLB

249. Mike Trout is under contract with the Angels through 2020.

FactSnippet No. 521,107 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

250. Patrick Mahomes plays the popular video game Fortnite, and he's even streamed it on his own Twitch channel ahead of the 2018 season.

FactSnippet No. 802,442 - MLB

251. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 551,391 - MLB

252. Ichiro Suzuki has a reputation for changing bats more often than the average player, much like past superstar Roberto Clemente.

FactSnippet No. 565,812 - MLB

253. Bryce Harper is arguably the top free agent baseball player on the market this offseason.

FactSnippet No. 198,326 - MLB

254. Manny Machado was named to appear in the 2012 All-Star Futures Game.

FactSnippet No. 802,591 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

255. Jackie Robinson played in the city during spring training in 1946 with the Montreal Royals.

FactSnippet No. 820,316 - MLB

256. Jackie Robinson achieved the rank of lieutenant and became a morale officer for a black unit at Fort Hood, Texas, where the Army's policy of segregation finally got the best of him.

FactSnippet No. 151,092 - MLB

257. On May 3, the Mariners announced that Ichiro Suzuki would move to the front office as a special assistant for the remainder of the season, but Ichiro did not rule out a possible return as a player for the 2019 season.

FactSnippet No. 565,778 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

258. Patrick Mahomes was talented enough at baseball to receive interest from MLB teams, but he decided to play football at Texas Tech.

FactSnippet No. 802,452 - MLB

259. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 575,236 - MLB

260. Bryce Harper is only averaging about 4 WAR a season in the bigs.

FactSnippet No. 198,391 - MLB

261. Mike Trout was a first-round pick by the Angels in the 2009 MLB draft and made a brief major league appearance in 2011.

FactSnippet No. 521,105 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

262. On June 27, Mike Trout hit the longest home run of the 2014 season, according to ESPN.

FactSnippet No. 521,137 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

263. Jackie Robinson was courageous in his battle for equality and his skills set him apart.

FactSnippet No. 151,180 - MLB

264. Manny Machado addressed the controversial remark in an interview with MLB.

FactSnippet No. 182,828 - MLB

265. Patrick Mahomes was Smith's understudy during his rookie season with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017.

FactSnippet No. 151,447 - MLB

266. Tim Hudson became a member of Oakland's so-called "Big Three", along with left-handed pitchers Mark Mulder and Barry Zito.

FactSnippet No. 674,661 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

267. Tim Hudson posted career-highs in losses and ERA (4.86) in 2006.

FactSnippet No. 674,664 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

268. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 555,678 - MLB

269. Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player to play in the major leagues.

FactSnippet No. 151,127 - MLB

270. Ichiro Suzuki is provided with either a new Jeep or Mercedes SUV, as well as a personal trainer and interpreter.

FactSnippet No. 565,742 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

271. Tim Hudson attended Glenwood School in Phenix City, Alabama where in his senior season he led the team to the 1993 AISA state championship.

FactSnippet No. 674,655 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

272. On October 2, 2018, it was announced that Ichiro Suzuki will be on the Mariners' active roster when they open the 2019 season against the Oakland Athletics in Japan.

FactSnippet No. 565,779 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

273. Jackie Robinson had a close friendship with Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians, who was the first African-American baseball player in the American League.

FactSnippet No. 150,960 - MLB

274. Adrian Beltre once borrowed groundskeeping equipment in order to avoid Gatorade baths.

FactSnippet No. 156,878 - MLB

275. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 597,590 - MLB

276. Patrick Mahomes announced on January 3, 2017 that he would forego his last year of college eligibility and enter the NFL Draft.

FactSnippet No. 151,426 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

277. In 2017, Kris Bryant finished second in fan voting to Nolan Arenado of the Colorado Rockies as the starting NL third baseman in the 2017 All-Star Game.

FactSnippet No. 521,545 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

278. In Game 3 of the ALDS, Aaron Judge robbed Francisco Lindor of a home run, preserving the tie game.

FactSnippet No. 388,066 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

279. Ichiro Suzuki became just the second Japanese professional to get 3,000 hits.

FactSnippet No. 565,747 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

280. Patrick Mahomes is still one of the top MVP candidates in the league and the late-game issues shouldn't take any shine off his incredible season so far.

FactSnippet No. 151,432 - MLB

281. In 2016, Ichiro Suzuki notched the 3,000th hit of his MLB career off Chris Rusin of the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field, becoming only the 30th player ever to do so.

FactSnippet No. 565,714 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

282. Jackie Robinson signs to play with the Montreal Royals, the Brooklyn Dodgers' farm team.

FactSnippet No. 151,074 - MLB

283. Jackie Robinson had no illusions about the purpose of his meeting with the Dodgers.

FactSnippet No. 151,146 - MLB

284. In 2016, Tim Hudson joined Fox Sports South and Fox Sports Southeast as a part-time broadcaster for select Braves games.

FactSnippet No. 674,683 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

285. George Springer clearly has that in his DNA, with some nurturing help from his parents, George II and Marie.

FactSnippet No. 734,691 - MLB

286. Patrick Mahomes became the first Chief since Len Dawson in 1966 to lead the league the passing touchdowns.

FactSnippet No. 841,311 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

287. Ichiro Suzuki performed well in his first playoff appearance since the beginning of his career.

FactSnippet No. 565,769 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

288. George Springer hit the first home run of his MLB career on May 8, 2014 at Comerica Park off of Detroit Tigers pitcher Drew Smyly.

FactSnippet No. 513,694 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

289. Patrick Mahomes marked their four-year anniversary on Instagram in March 2016.

FactSnippet No. 151,520 - MLB

290. On October 31, Bryce Harper was named the National League winner of the 2015 Hank Aaron Award.

FactSnippet No. 198,305 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

291. Adrian Beltre hit safely in all six games with two or more hits four times.

FactSnippet No. 156,849 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

292. George Springer swung and missed against the sixth, a slider that backed up.

FactSnippet No. 959,883 - MLB

293. Patrick Mahomes was named to the First Team All-Pro and was voted to the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career.

FactSnippet No. 802,428 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

294. Adrian Beltre lamented leaving Los Angeles, despite the upward trajectory of his career.

FactSnippet No. 156,882 - MLB

295. Tim Hudson decided to attend a local two-year college, Chattahoochee Valley Community College.

FactSnippet No. 674,656 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

296. Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes had a career game yesterday in a loss to the Rams.

FactSnippet No. 151,489 - MLB

297. Bryce Harper will be wearing a jersey on the cover of MLB The Show 19 when it hits store shelves in the spring, but no one knows yet which jersey it will be.

FactSnippet No. 21,824 - MLB

298. Eric Hosmer was named one of the top-five prep baseball player in the country by nearly every scouting agency when he graduated, including No 2 by Rivals and No 3 by both RISE Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

FactSnippet No. 192,190 - MLB

299. Patrick Mahomes now has an eye-popping 26 touchdowns on the year.

FactSnippet No. 151,517 - MLB

300. Jackie Robinson played in six World Series and contributed to the Dodgers' 1955 World Series championship.

FactSnippet No. 150,894 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

301. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 608,206 - MLB

302. In 2011, George Springer was named the Big East Player of the Year.

FactSnippet No. 513,688 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

303. Jackie Robinson made his final public appearance on October 15, 1972.

FactSnippet No. 151,165 - MLB

304. George Springer has two sisters, Nicole and Lena, both of whom played softball in college.

FactSnippet No. 513,702 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

305. Patrick Mahomes spent a significant portion of his childhood hanging around Major League Baseball clubhouses and professional players.

FactSnippet No. 841,315 - MLB

306. Jackie Robinson came out of his 10-minute meeting with Nixon crying.

FactSnippet No. 16,234 - MLB

307. Mike Trout connected with the manufacturer Old Hickory on a bat deal early on in his career.

FactSnippet No. 546,292 - MLB

308. Jackie Robinson played Minor League Baseball for the Montreal Royals in 1946, until he was called up to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the Major Leagues in 1947.

FactSnippet No. 150,959 - MLB

309. Tim Hudson is one of twenty-one pitchers in Major League history to win at least 200 games, strikeout 2,000 batters and have a win-loss percentage above 0.600.

FactSnippet No. 674,654 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

310. Ichiro Suzuki won a Rawlings Gold Glove Award in each of his first ten years in the majors, and had an American League–record seven hitting streaks of 20 or more games, with a high of 27.

FactSnippet No. 565,713 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

311. Jackie Robinson was acquitted and then assigned to Camp Breckinridge in Kentucky, where he worked as an Army athletics coach until he was given an honorable discharge in 1944.

FactSnippet No. 150,956 - MLB

312. Manny Machado is an American professional baseball third baseman and shortstop who currently plays for the Baltimore Orioles of the Major League Baseball.

FactSnippet No. 182,914 - MLB

313. On May 21, 2013 Mike Trout became the youngest player to hit for the cycle in American League history and sixth youngest in Major League history, doing so at home against the Seattle Mariners.

FactSnippet No. 521,133 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

314. Kris Bryant had the lowest contact percentage on his swings in the major leagues.

FactSnippet No. 521,536 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

315. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 605,776 - MLB

316. In 2013, Manny Machado earned a spot on the American League All-Star team on his way to leading the league in doubles with 51.

FactSnippet No. 182,785 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

317. Jackie Robinson took a job as an assistant athletic director with the government's National Youth Administration.

FactSnippet No. 769,013 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

318. Jackie Robinson became the highest-paid player in Dodgers history but was traded to the New York Giants in 1956; he retired shortly thereafter.

FactSnippet No. 151,141 - MLB

319. Tim Hudson is not just hanging around his alma mater these days.

FactSnippet No. 674,687 - MLB

320. On January 23, 2015, Ichiro Suzuki agreed to a one-year, $2 million contract with the Miami Marlins.

FactSnippet No. 565,773 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

321. Jackie Robinson was angered by conservative Republican opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, though a higher percentage of Democrats voted against it in both the House and Senate.

FactSnippet No. 150,941 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

322. Patrick Mahomes set a new season-high with 38.9 FanDuel points on Monday.

FactSnippet No. 151,454 - MLB

323. Patrick Mahomes tied the NCAA record for single game passing yards with 734.

FactSnippet No. 802,433 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

324. Mike Trout began using two-toned Old Hickory bats most of the time in 2011, when he split the season between the minors and his debut season with the Angels.

FactSnippet No. 546,294 - MLB

325. Jackie Robinson made his Royals debut at Daytona Beach's City Island Ballpark on March 17, 1946, in an exhibition game against the team's parent club, the Dodgers.

FactSnippet No. 150,911 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

326. Jackie Robinson became the first black player in the major leagues when he took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

FactSnippet No. 769,039 - MLB

327. Jackie Robinson was memorialized in 1982 when he became the first baseball player to have his image included on a US postage stamp.

FactSnippet No. 151,178 - MLB

328. Mike Trout is the only player to win All-Star Game MVP in consecutive seasons, and he did so as a 22—and 23-year-old.

FactSnippet No. 571,139 - MLB

329. Mike Trout has sponsorship agreements with Subway and SuperPretzel and in 2014, Nike began selling Mike Trout-branded shoes.

FactSnippet No. 521,154 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

330. Patrick Mahomes finished the season as the second player in NFL history to throw 50 touchdown passes and for more than 5,000 yards.

FactSnippet No. 841,313 - MLB

331. Manny Machado is going to make a lot of money this offseason.

FactSnippet No. 182,856 - MLB

332. Bryce Harper received 112 votes, 16 of the first-place votes, beating Arizona's Wade Miley and Cincinnati's Todd Frazier.

FactSnippet No. 198,369 - MLB

333. Patrick Mahomes went on to throw for more than 300 yards in the game.

FactSnippet No. 151,527 - MLB

334. Manny Machado said "it's a great honor" to be compared to Rodriguez, but he doesn't compare himself to anyone.

FactSnippet No. 182,813 - MLB - en.wikipedia.org

335. Ichiro Suzuki was recruited by the highly regarded Aikodai Meiden Koko high school baseball program as a pitcher and an outfielder.

FactSnippet No. 565,795 - MLB

336. Ichiro Suzuki was traded to the New York Yankees in July 2012, and he batted.

FactSnippet No. 565,799 - MLB