20 Facts About Palace


Palace is a grand residence, especially a royal residence, or the home of a head of state or some other high-ranking dignitary, such as a bishop or archbishop.

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Palace is distinguished from a castle while the latter clearly is fortified or has the style of a fortification, whereas a palace does not.

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Palace meaning "government" can be recognized in a remark of Paul the Deacon, writing c AD 790 and describing events of the 660s: "When Grimuald set out for Beneventum, he entrusted his palace to Lupus" .

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The Jaburu Palace is the official residence of Brazil's vice-president.

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The National Palace continues to be the official seat of the executive authority, though it is no longer the official residence of the President.

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Kabaka Palace belonged to the Kingdom of Buganda and is a known landmark of the present capital Kampala.

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Baku Khans' Palace is a complex of several houses belonged to members of ruling family of Baku Khanate in 17th century.

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Shahbulag Castle Palace, is an 18th-century fortress in near Aghdam.

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Haji Gayib's Palace – is an ancient fortress construction near a coastal side of Icheri Sheher.

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Weiyang Palace built during the Han dynasty was the largest palace complex ever built in the world, but it was destroyed during the Tang dynasty.

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Niavaran Palace Complex is a historical complex situated in the northern part of Tehran, Iran.

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The main Niavaran Palace, completed in 1968, was the primary residence of the last shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the Imperial family until the Iranian Revolution.

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Narayanhiti Palace Museum was a residence and principal workplace of the reigning Monarch of the Kingdom of Nepal.

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The Royal Palace was originally at Dattaraya square and was later moved to Durbar square.

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Former president and strongman Ferdinand Marcos had Coconut Palace constructed in 1978 to showcase the country's varied uses for the coconut.

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The office of the President of the Republic of Hungary, Sandor Palace was the residence of the Sandor family in the 19th century.

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In Sweden the large Stockholm Palace was built in 1760, and remains the official royal residence, but at the current time is only used for official purposes while the Swedish royal family resides in the more modest Drottningholm Palace.

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Blenheim Palace was built, on a different site, in the grounds of the disused royal Palace of Woodstock, and the name was part of the extraordinary honour when the house was given by a grateful nation to a great general, the Duke of Marlborough.

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Topkapi Palace was the administrative, educational, and art center of the Empire for nearly four hundred years from Mehmed the Conqueror until Sultan Abdulmecid who was the thirty-first Sultan.

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Topkapi Palace is separated from the city on the land-side by the Imperial Walls, which were constructed by Mehmed the Conqueror.

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