9 Facts About Hungary

1. The most famous wines from Hungary are Tokaji Aszu and Egri Bikaver.

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2. The first book printed in Hungary was the Chronica Hungarorum.

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3. Education in Hungary is predominantly public, run by the Ministry of Education.

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4. Law enforcement in Hungary is split among the police and Border Guards, and the National Tax and Customs Administration.

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5. The current political landscape in Hungary is dominated by the conservative Fidesz, who have a near supermajority, and two medium-sized parties, the left-wing Hungarian Socialist Party and nationalist Jobbik.

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6. Since the fall of communism, Hungary has a multi-party system.

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7. In 1939, Hungary regained further territory from Czechoslovakia through force.

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8. Around this time, Hungary began to become a powerful kingdom.

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9. On 23 October 1989, Hungary became a democratic parliamentary republic.

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