7 Facts About Belgrade

1. Port of Belgrade is on the Danube, and allows the city to receive goods by river.

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2. The University of Belgrade, founded in 1808 as the "Great School" or Grandes ecoles in French, is the oldest institution of higher learning in Serbia.

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3. In recent years, Belgrade has given rise to several world-class tennis players such as Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic and Novak Đokovic.

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4. Apart from Ada, Belgrade has total of 16 islands on the rivers, many still unused.

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5. The oldest public structure in Belgrade is a nondescript Turkish turbe, while the oldest house is a modest clay house on Dorcol, from late 18th century.

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6. New Belgrade is the country's main business district and one of Southeastern Europe's financial centers.

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7. At the beginning of the 19th century, Belgrade was predominantly inhabited by Muslim population.

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