14 Facts About Sava


Sava is a river in Central and Southeast Europe, a right-bank and the longest tributary of the Danube.

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Sava is 990 kilometres long, including the 45-kilometre Sava Dolinka headwater rising in Zelenci, Slovenia.

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The Sava is one of the longest rivers in Europe and among the longest tributaries of another river.

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The Sava Dolinka is considered the Sava's initial, 45-kilometre segment.

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Some sources define the Jezernica as a part of the Sava Bohinjka, specifying the latter as flowing directly out of the lake, while another group of sources include Savica, rising at the southern flank of Triglav as the 78-metre Savica Falls, downstream from Triglav Lakes Valley, and flowing into the lake, as a part of the Sava Bohinjka.

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The Sava River is the third longest tributary of the Danube, slightly shorter than the 966-kilometre Tisza and the 950-kilometre Prut—the Danube's two longest tributaries—when the Sava Dolinka headwater is excluded from its course.

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Downstream of confluence of the Una River, the Sava is tracing an international border—between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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The Sava represents the third longest tributary of the Danube and its largest tributary by discharge.

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The uppermost course of the river and its headwaters in the Karavanke area, is in the Southern Alps, tracing the Sava Fault—itself running parallel to the Periadriatic Seam.

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Commercial fishing on the Sava River is in decline since the middle of the 20th century.

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The largest ports on the Sava River are Brcko and Samac in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sisak and Slavonski Brod in Croatia, and Sabac and Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia.

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Sava River valley is a route for road and rail traffic.

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The poem, referring in its title to a headwater of the Sava River, helped to inspire the design of the coat of arms of Slovenia of 1991:.

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Sava River appears symbolically in the coat of arms of the former Kingdom of Slavonia:.

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