38 Facts About Nazi


The term "Nazi" was in use before the rise of the NSDAP as a colloquial and derogatory word for a backwards farmer or peasant, characterising an awkward and clumsy person, a yokel.

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Nazi did not refer to herself as a "Nazi", even though she was writing well after World War II.

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The Nazi Party had previously been financed almost entirely from membership dues, but after 1929 its leadership began actively seeking donations from German industrialists, and Hitler began holding dozens of fundraising meetings with business leaders.

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Nazi expressed opposition to communism and egalitarian forms of socialism, arguing that inequality and hierarchy are beneficial to the nation.

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Nazi believed that communism was invented by the Jews to weaken nations by promoting class struggle.

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Nazi ideology were to be found in the radical positions of ideological protest movements [in pre-1914 Germany].

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Geographers Friedrich Ratzel and Karl Haushofer borrowed from Riehl's work as did Nazi ideologues Alfred Rosenberg and Paul Schultze-Naumburg, both of whom employed some of Riehl's philosophy in arguing that "each nation-state was an organism that required a particular living space in order to survive".

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In "Mein Kampf" Hitler extolled America as the only contemporary example of a country with racist citizenship statutes in the 1920s, and Nazi lawyers made use of the American models in crafting laws for Nazi Germany.

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Nazi believed that the "Spirit of 1914" manifested itself in the concept of the "People's League of National Socialism".

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Nazi believed that the "young" German nation as an imperial power would inherit the legacy of Ancient Rome, lead a restoration of value in "blood" and instinct, while the ideals of rationalism would be revealed as absurd.

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Nazi prescribed war as a necessity by saying: "War is the eternal form of higher human existence and states exist for war: they are the expression of the will to war".

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Nazi denounced Marxism for seeking to train the proletariat to "expropriate the expropriator", the capitalist and then to let them live a life of leisure on this expropriation.

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Nazi claimed that "Marxism is the capitalism of the working class" and not true socialism.

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Nazi rejected reactionary conservatism while proposing a new state that he coined the "Third Reich", which would unite all classes under authoritarian rule.

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German Nazi Party supported German irredentist claims to Austria, Alsace-Lorraine, the region now known as the Czech Republic and the territory known since 1919 as the Polish Corridor.

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Nazi claimed that ancient Greek culture was developed by Nordic peoples due to paintings of the time which showed Greeks who were tall, light-skinned, light-eyed, blond-haired people.

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Nazi said that the Roman Empire was developed by the Italics who were related to the Celts who were a Nordic people.

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Nazi believed that the vanishing of the Nordic component of the populations in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome led to their downfall.

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Nazi claimed that the rise of the Russian Empire was due to its leadership by people of Norman descent.

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Nazi described the rise of Anglo-Saxon societies in North America, South Africa and Australia as being the result of the Nordic heritage of Anglo-Saxons.

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Nazi concluded these points by saying: "Everywhere Nordic creative power has built mighty empires with high-minded ideas, and to this very day Aryan languages and cultural values are spread over a large part of the world, though the creative Nordic blood has long since vanished in many places".

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Nazi claimed that the Near Eastern race had been "bred not so much for the conquest and exploitation of nature as it had been for the conquest and exploitation of people".

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Nazi anthropologists attempted to scientifically prove the historical admixture of the Slavs who lived further East and leading Nazi racial theorist Hans Gunther regarded the Slavs as being primarily Nordic centuries ago but he believed that they had mixed with non-Nordic types over time.

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Nazi ideology advocated excluding women from political involvement and confining them to the spheres of "Kinder, Kuche, Kirche".

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Hitler's own opinion on the matter of women in Nazi Germany was that while other eras of German history had experienced the development and liberation of the female mind, the National Socialist goal was essentially singular in that it wished for them to produce a child.

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Proto-natalist programs in Nazi Germany offered favourable loans and grants to newlyweds and encouraged them to give birth to offspring by providing them with additional incentives.

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The Nazi regime incarcerated some 100,000 homosexuals during the 1930s.

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In 1933, extensive Nazi violence occurred against Catholics due to their association with the Centre Party and their opposition to the Nazi regime's sterilisation laws.

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Nazi government continued the economic policies introduced by the government of Kurt von Schleicher in 1932 to combat the effects of the Depression.

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Nazi Germany increased its military spending faster than any other state in peacetime, with the share of military spending rising from 1 per cent to 10 per cent of national income in the first two years of the regime alone.

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Nazi argued that they should support him in establishing a dictatorship because "private enterprise cannot be maintained in the age of democracy" and because democracy would allegedly lead to communism.

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Nazi promised to destroy the German left and the trade unions, without any mention of anti-Jewish policies or foreign conquests.

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Nazi ideology relied on elitism and the Fuhrerprinzip, arguing that elite minorities should assume leadership roles over the majority, and that the elite minority should itself be organised according to a "hierarchy of talent", with a single leader—the Fuhrer—at the top.

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Nazi believed that international free trade would lead to global domination by the British Empire and the United States, which he believed were controlled by Jewish bankers in Wall Street and the City of London.

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Nazi even hoped for a time that Britain could be swayed into an alliance with Germany on the basis of a shared economic rivalry with the United States.

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Nazi argued that the United States and the United Kingdom only benefitted from free trade because they had already conquered substantial internal markets through British colonial conquests and American westward expansion.

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Rather, Nazi Germany has been described as an example of authoritarian or totalitarian capitalism.

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Nazi was instead focused on rebuilding the military and reorienting the economy to provide the rearmament necessary for invasion of the countries to the east of Germany, especially Poland and Russia, to get the Lebensraum he believed was necessary to the survival of the Aryan race.

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