7 Facts About British Empire

1. The British Empire started to fall apart after the Second World War.

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2. The British Empire used 1.5 million to 2 million Indian colonial subjects to fight, and die, for empire in that war.

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3. The British Empire was responsible for large migrations of peoples.

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4. The British Empire provided refuge for religiously persecuted continental Europeans for hundreds of years.

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5. The British Empire was territorially enlarged: from France, Britain gained Newfoundland and Acadia, and from Spain, Gibraltar and Menorca.

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6. The British Empire began to take shape during the early 17th century, with the English settlement of North America and the smaller islands of the Caribbean, and the establishment of joint-stock companies, most notably the East India Company, to administer colonies and overseas trade.

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7. The British Empire expanded to include most of India, large parts of Africa and many other territories throughout the world.

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