12 Facts About Qatar

1. Music of Qatar is based on Bedouin poetry, song and dance.

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2. In 2012, Qatar joined the international French-speaking organisation of La Francophonie as a new associate member.

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3. In 1996, the Qatargas project began exporting liquefied natural gas to Japan.

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4. As of 2016, Qatar has the fourth highest GDP per capita in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund.

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5. In 2015, Qatar was the 16th largest arms importer in the world, and in 2016, it was the 11th largest, according to SIPRI.

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6. In more recent times, Qatar has hosted peace talks between rival factions across the globe.

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7. In recent years, Qatar has been using Islamist militants in a number of countries including Egypt, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Mali to further its foreign policy.

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8. In 2003, Qatar adopted a constitution that provided for the direct election of 30 of the 45 members of the Legislative Council.

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9. In 2003, Qatar served as the US Central Command headquarters and one of the main launching sites of the invasion of Iraq.

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10. In 2010, Qatar won the rights to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, making it the first country in the Middle East to be selected to host the tournament.

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11. On 3 November 1916, the sheikh of Qatar entered into treaty relations with the United Kingdom.

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12. In the 21st century, Qatar emerged as a significant power in the Arab world, reportedly supporting several rebel groups during the Arab Spring both financially and through its globally expanding media group, Al Jazeera Media Network.

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