55 Facts About Al Jazeera


Al Jazeera is a state-owned Arabic-language international radio and TV broadcaster of Qatar.

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Al Jazeera is available through satellites, although Qatar, and many other Arab countries barred private individuals from having satellite dishes until 2001.

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Al Jazeera was not the first such broadcaster in the Middle East; a number had appeared since the Arabsat satellite, a Saudi Arabia-based venture of 21 Arab governments, took orbit in 1985.

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Al Jazeera was the only international news network to have correspondents in Iraq during the Operation Desert Fox bombing campaign in 1998.

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However controversial, Al Jazeera was rapidly becoming one of the most influential news agencies in the whole region.

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Al Jazeera launched a free Arabic-language web site in January 2001.

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Al Jazeera came to the attention of many in the West during the search for Osama bin Laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan after the 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States.

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Prime Minister Tony Blair soon appeared on an Al Jazeera talk show on 14 November 2001, to state Britain's case for pursuing the Taliban into Afghanistan.

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Al Jazeera's prominence rose during the war in Afghanistan because it had opened a bureau in Kabul before the war began.

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Al Jazeera soon had to contend with a new rival, Al Arabiya, a venture of the Middle East Broadcasting Center, which was set up in nearby Dubai with Saudi financial backing.

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Al Jazeera moved its sports coverage to a new, separate channel on 1 November 2003, allowing for more news and public affairs programming on the original channel.

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The attack was called "a mistake" by The Pentagon; however, Al Jazeera had supplied the US with a precise map of the location of the bureau in order to spare it from attack.

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Al Jazeera became the first channel to air the 2010 Tunisian protests following the death of Mohamed Bouazizi.

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Saudi Arabia banned hotels from airing Al Jazeera, threatening fines of up to US$26,000 for those violating the ban.

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On 6 June 2017, Al Jazeera was the victim of a cyber attack on all of its platforms.

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In 2018, Al Jazeera reported apparent new details regarding a 1996 Qatari coup d'etat attempt in a documentary accusing the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt, of orchestrating it.

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Original Al Jazeera channel was launched 1 November 1996 by an emiri decree with a loan of 500 million Qatari riyals from the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa.

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The Al Jazeera logo is a decorative representation of the network's name using Arabic calligraphy.

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Al Jazeera restructured its operations to form a network that contains all their different channels.

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Al Jazeera acted as the managing director of the original Arabic Channel.

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Al Jazeera became an influential figure on Al Jazeera with his program Hiwar Maftuh, one of the most frequently watched programs.

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Al Jazeera interviewed Nasrallah in 2007 and produced a documentary about Hezbollah.

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Al Jazeera was in a critical condition and was declared dead at the hospital.

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Al Jazeera alleged that their journalist was a target of the Israeli security forces, which killed her deliberately.

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In January 2003, the BBC announced that it had signed an agreement with Al Jazeera for sharing facilities and information, including news footage.

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Al Jazeera presented controversial views regarding the governments of many Arab states on the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar; it presented controversial views about Syria's relationship with Lebanon, and the Egyptian judiciary.

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Al Jazeera's broadcasts have sometimes resulted in drastic action: for example, when, on 27 January 1999, critics of the Algerian government appeared on the channel's live program El-Itidjah el-Mouakass, the Algerian government cut the electricity supply to large parts of the capital Algiers to prevent the program from being seen.

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Al Jazeera's popularity has been attributed to its in-depth coverage of issues considered to be of great importance to the international Arab population, many of which received minimal attention from other outlets, such as: the Palestinian perspective on the second Intifada, the experiences of Iraqis living through the Iraq war, and the exclusive broadcast of tapes produced by Osama Bin-Laden.

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However, it was not until late 2001 that Al Jazeera achieved worldwide recognition, when it broadcast video statements by al-Qaeda leaders.

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Al Jazeera launched a Turkish-language news website in 2014; it was shut down on 3 May 2017.

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On 4 July 2005, Al Jazeera officially announced plans to launch a new English-language satellite service to be called Al Jazeera International.

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The new channel started at 12:00 GMT on 15 November 2006 under the name Al Jazeera English and has broadcast centers in Doha, London, Kuala Lumpur, and Washington DC The channel is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week news channel, with 12 hours broadcast from Doha, and four hours each from London, Kuala Lumpur, and Washington DC.

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Al Jazeera launched an English language channel, originally called Al Jazeera International, in 2006.

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The acquisition of Current TV by Al Jazeera allowed Time Warner Cable to drop the network due to its low ratings, but they released a statement saying that they would consider carrying the channel after they evaluated whether it made sense for their customers.

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On 26 November 2009, Al Jazeera English received approval from the CRTC, which enables Al Jazeera English to broadcast via satellite in Canada.

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Original Al Jazeera channel is available worldwide through various satellite and cable systems.

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Al Jazeera can be freely viewed with a DVB-S receiver in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East as it is broadcast on the Astra 1M, Eutelsat Hot Bird 13A, Eutelsat 10A, Badr 4, Turksat 2A, Thor 6, Nilesat 102, Hispasat 1C and Eutelsat 28A satellites.

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Al Jazeera is available in Canada on Bell Channel 516, as part of the package "International News I " Al Jazeera is available on Rogers Cable individually.

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Al Jazeera is available on Shaw Cable TV Channel 513, as part of the package "Multicultural".

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On 7 December 2010, Al Jazeera said its English language service has got a downlink license to broadcast in India.

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Al Jazeera English is available on the Sky and Freesat satellite platforms, as well as the standard terrestrial service, thus making it available to the vast majority of UK households.

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Al Jazeera English is not widely available, as it is not carried by Xfinity or the other major cable television systems which package and market most commercial television in the United States.

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Al Jazeera English had been available to cable TV viewers in Toledo, Ohio, Burlington, Vermont, New York City, Washington State, and Washington, DC, but those sources were switched to Al Jazeera America on 20 August 2013.

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On 13 April 2009 Al Jazeera launched versions of its English and Arabic sites suitable for mobile devices.

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In 2021, Al Jazeera launched a new online platform called "Rightly" aimed at a conservative US audience.

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In 2022, Al Jazeera reportedly stopped creating content for the program.

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Al Jazeera has been reported to be planning to launch an international newspaper.

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Al Jazeera Arabic began using a chroma key studio on 13 September 2009.

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Investigations found he had been the subject of multiple complaints at Al Jazeera before moving to New Zealand, and that Al Jazeera staff had accused other senior employees of harassment or bullying.

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Several Al Jazeera staff were killed by US military friendly-fire incidents.

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Al Jazeera says that the resignations were due to pressure from the Egyptian military.

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Al Jazeera has been criticized over unfair coverage of the Syrian Civil War.

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Shariah and Life is an Al Jazeera Arabic show with an estimated audience of 60 million worldwide and stars Muslim preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is described as "Islam's Spiritual 'Dear Abby'".

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Al Jazeera Media Network is a Private Foundation or Public Benefit under Qatari law.

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Critics have accused Al Jazeera of supporting the positions of the Qatari government though Al Jazeera platforms and channels have published content that has been critical of Qatar or has run counter to Qatari laws and norms.

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