18 Facts About Vermont

1. In 1988 a number of Vermont-based composers including Gwyneth Walker formed the Vermont Composers Consortium, which was recognized by the governor proclaiming 2011 as The Year of the Composer.

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2. In 2007, Vermont was ranked the third safest state for highway fatalities.

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3. In 2009, Vermont was ranked second in the nation for safety.

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4. In 2010, Vermont was ranked the highest in the country for health outcomes.

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5. In 2010, Vermont was the sixth highest ranked state for Well-Being in a study by Gallup and Healthways.

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6. In 2014, Vermont became the first state to call for a constitutional convention to overturn the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v FEC.

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7. In September 2009, Vermont became the fourth state in which same-sex couples could marry.

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8. In 2007, Vermont was the 14th highest out of 50 states and the District of Columbia for state and local taxation, with a per capita load of $3,681.

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9. In May 2009, Vermont created the first state-wide renewable energy feed-in law.

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10. In 2007 Vermont had the sixth worst percentage of structurally deficient bridges in the country.

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11. In 2007, Vermont was best in the country for construction of new energy efficient homes as evaluated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under the Energy Star program.

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12. In 2015, Vermont was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 42nd best state in which to do business.

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13. In 2007, Vermont was the 17th highest state in the nation for mortgage affordability.

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14. The center of population of Vermont is located in Washington County, in the town of Warren.

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15. On January 22, 2018, Vermont became the first of the United States to legalize cannabis for recreational use by legislative action, and the ninth state in the United States to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.

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16. In July 2000, Vermont became the first state to introduce civil unions.

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17. In 1913, the Secretary of State of Vermont speculated that the archaic French term Verd Mont may have inspired Young.

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18. Origin of the name "Vermont" is uncertain, but likely comes from the French Les Verts Monts, meaning "the Green Mountains".

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