80 Facts About New Hampshire

1. New Hampshire is internationally known for the New Hampshire primary, the first primary in the quadrennial American presidential election cycle.

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2. New Hampshire is part of the six-state New England region.

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3. New Hampshire was on a charter that Sir Fernando Gorges and John Mason received in 1622 that included multiple others.

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4. New Hampshire has one official song and eight honorary songs.

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5. New Hampshire is bordered on the north by the Canadian province of Quebec; on the east by Maine and the Atlantic Ocean; on the south by Massachusetts; and the on the west by Vermont.

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6. New Hampshire has adopted many symbols over the past 200 years, beginning with the first state seal in 1775 and continuing to the most recent symbol, the State Tartan in 1995.

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7. New Hampshire has 10 counties, 13 municipalities, 221 towns and 22 unincorporated places.

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8. In 1944, near the war's end, New Hampshire hosted the Bretton Woods Conference, which founded two of the most important postwar institutions: the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

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9. New Hampshire was the birthplace of such noted statesmen as Daniel Webster, Pres.

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10. New Hampshire has two commercial airports: the rapidly developing Manchester Airport and Portsmouth International Airport, part of the Pease International Tradeport complex developed on the site of the former Pease Air Force Base.

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11. New Hampshire has a number of distinct regions, each deeply rooted in the state's history.

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12. New Hampshire was moving toward market capitalism and democratic politics.

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13. New Hampshire was the first colony to write a state constitution.

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14. New Hampshire was first explored and settled by the English in the 1600s.

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15. New Hampshire is one of the six New England states.

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16. New Hampshire was actually a province of Massachusetts from 1643 to 1680.

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17. New Hampshire has about 275 statewide arts associations and 8 local arts councils.

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18. New Hampshire has no proven reserves or production of crude oil or natural gas.

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19. In 2004, New Hampshire ranked seventh among the 50 states and the District of Columbia with a per capita income of $36,616; the national average was $33,050.

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20. In 2005, New Hampshire had a gross state product of $56 billion, ranking 39th among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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21. New Hampshire is one of the most industrialized states in the United States, ranking well above the national median in the proportion of the labor force employed in manufacturing.

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22. New Hampshire has 10 counties, each governed by three commissioners.

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23. New Hampshire has almost always gone with the Republican presidential nominee in recent decades, but the Democratic and Republican parties have been much more evenly balanced in local and state elections.

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24. New Hampshire had 51 airports, 67 heliports, and 9 seaplane bases.

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25. In 2005, New Hampshire ranked 41st in population among the 50 states with an estimated total of 1,314,895 residents.

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26. In 2003, New Hampshire had 91 hazardous waste sites listed in the Environmental Protection Agency's database, 20 of which were on the National Priorities List as of 2006.

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27. New Hampshire supports an abundance of elm, maple, beech, oak, pine, and fir trees.

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28. New Hampshire has wide variations in daily and seasonal temperatures.

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29. New Hampshire is generally hilly, rocky, and in many areas densely wooded.

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30. At this time New Hampshire was still a province of Massachusetts.

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31. In the 1980s, New Hampshire produced many new jobs and had one of the fastest growing economies in the United States.

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32. New Hampshire became the ninth and last necessary state to ratify the new Constitution of the United States in 1788.

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33. New Hampshire was the first colony to declare its independence from Great Britain and to establish its own government.

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34. In 1996, New Hampshire elected its first woman governor, Jeanne Shaheen.

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35. In the 1920s, New Hampshire began a long shift in its economy.

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36. In 2005, New Hampshire had eight morning newspapers, four evening newspapers, and eight Sunday papers.

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37. In 2003, New Hampshire had 28 community hospitals with about 2,800 beds.

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38. New Hampshire has the highest percentage of employment-based insurance in the country.

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39. In the 2002 Census of Retail Trade, New Hampshire was listed as having 6,702 retail establishments with sales of $20.8 billion.

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40. In 2004, a total of 72,498 people in New Hampshire were employed in the state's manufacturing sector, according to the ASM.

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41. New Hampshire is one of 28 states that does not have a right-to-work law.

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42. In 2003, New Hampshire spent $45,536,983 on homeland security, an average of $36 per state resident.

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43. New Hampshire has almost always gone with the Republican presidential nominee in recent decades, but the Democratic and Republican parties were much more evenly balanced in local and state elections.

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44. In 2005, New Hampshire had a total of 127 public and private-use aviation-related facilities.

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45. New Hampshire has a changeable climate, with wide variations in daily and seasonal temperatures.

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46. New Hampshire has the longest running lottery in the US.

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47. New Hampshire has taken their motto "Live free or Die" a little too seriously as it is the only state where seat belts or motorcycle helmets are not compulsory.

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48. New Hampshire has the honor of being the only State where a foreign war has ended formally.

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49. New Hampshire became the home to the first ever known case of an alien kidnapping in 1961 when Betty and Barney Hill, natives of Portsmouth announced that they were abducted by extraterrestrials and taken into a UFO.

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50. New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence of the thirteen original colonies from Mother England.

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51. New Hampshire has the shortest ocean coastline of any US coastal state, with a length of 13 miles.

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52. New Hampshire was the first state to offer lottery in the twentieth century United States in 1964.

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53. New Hampshire is the only state that saw the formal conclusion of a foreign war.

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54. New Hampshire still uses its original state constitution, ratified in 1784.

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55. New Hampshire is an incredible place where history comes alive.

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56. New Hampshire is a small state that has a lot of character.

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57. New Hampshire is bordered by Canada in the north, Maine and the Atlantic Ocean in the east, Massachusetts in the south, and Vermont in the west.

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58. New Hampshire is nicknamed the Granite State because it has a history of granite mining.

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59. New Hampshire gained a measure of international attention in 1905 when Portsmouth Naval Base played host to the signing of the treaty ending the Russo-Japanese War, known as the Treaty of Portsmouth.

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60. New Hampshire has modest manufacturing, especially of electronics, as well as professional and science services.

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61. New Hampshire will miss the FCS playoffs for the first time in 14 seasons.

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62. New Hampshire holds the first in the nation primary during each presidential election cycle.

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63. New Hampshire has registered an official tartan with the proper authorities in Scotland, used to make kilts worn by the Lincoln Police Department while its officers serve during the games.

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64. In summer and early autumn, New Hampshire is home to many county fairs, the largest being the Hopkinton State Fair, in Contoocook.

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65. New Hampshire is the home of several prestigious university-preparatory schools, such as Phillips Exeter Academy, St Paul's School, Brewster Academy, and Kimball Union Academy.

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66. New Hampshire has 25 public-use airports, three with some scheduled commercial passenger service.

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67. New Hampshire has a well-maintained, well-signed network of Interstate highways, US highways, and state highways.

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68. New Hampshire is a "Dillon Rule" state, meaning the state retains all powers not specifically granted to municipalities.

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69. New Hampshire has 10 counties and 234 cities and towns.

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70. New Hampshire is the only state in the US that does not require adults to wear seat belts in their vehicles.

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71. New Hampshire is an alcoholic beverage control state, and through the State Liquor Commission it takes in $100 million from the sale and distribution of liquor.

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72. New Hampshire has potential for renewable energies like wind power, hydroelectricity, and wood fuel.

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73. New Hampshire experienced a major shift in its economic base during the last century.

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74. The center of population of New Hampshire is in Merrimack County, in the town of Pembroke.

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75. New Hampshire was a Jacksonian stronghold; the state sent Franklin Pierce to the White House in the election of 1852.

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76. New Hampshire was one of the thirteen colonies that rebelled against British rule during the American Revolution.

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77. New Hampshire is in the temperate broadleaf and mixed forests biome.

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78. New Hampshire has the shortest ocean coastline of any state in the United States, approximately 18 miles long.

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79. New Hampshire was home to the rock formation called the Old Man of the Mountain, a face-like profile in Franconia Notch, until the formation disintegrated in May 2003.

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80. New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States.

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