12 Facts About White House

1. White House is the official residence and workplace of the president of the United States.

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2. The term "White House" is often used as a metonym for the president and his advisers.

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3. White House is reputed to have met with Hoban then.

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4. Neoclassical design of the White House is based primarily on ideas inherited from the Roman architect Vitruvius and the Venetian architect Andrea Palladio.

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5. The earliest evidence of the public calling it the "White House" was recorded in 1811.

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6. In 1814, during the War of 1812, the White House was set ablaze by British troops during the Burning of Washington, in retaliation for attacking and burning Toronto, Port Dover and other towns in Upper Canada; much of Washington was affected by these fires as well.

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7. In 1891, First Lady Caroline Harrison proposed major extensions to the White House, including a National Wing on the east for a historical art gallery, and a wing on the west for official functions.

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8. White House's enlisted the help of Henry Francis du Pont of the Winterthur Museum to assist in collecting artifacts for the mansion, many of which had once been housed there.

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9. White House became one of the first wheelchair-accessible government buildings in Washington when modifications were made during the presidency of Franklin D Roosevelt, who used a wheelchair because of his paralytic illness.

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10. In 2013, President Barack Obama had a set of solar panels installed on the roof of the White House, making it the first time solar power would be used for the president's living quarters.

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11. The White House includes six stories and 55,000 square feet of floor space, 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, twenty-eight fireplaces, eight staircases, three elevators, five full-time chefs, a tennis court, a (single-lane) bowling alley, a movie theater (officially called the White House Family Theater), a jogging track, a swimming pool, and a putting green.

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12. The White House reopened to the public in November 2013.

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