35 Facts About South Carolina


South Carolina is the 40th most extensive and 23rd most populous U S state with a recorded population of 5, 124, 712 according to the 2020 census.

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South Carolina was named in honor of King Charles I of England, who first formed the English colony, with Carolus being Latin for "Charles".

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Economic diversification in South Carolina continued to pick up speed during and in the ensuing decades after World War II.

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South Carolina has primarily a humid subtropical climate, with hot humid summers and mild winters.

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Anthony Ashley Cooper, one of the Lord Proprietors, planned the Grand Model for the Province of South Carolina and wrote the Fundamental Constitutions of South Carolina, which laid the basis for the future colony.

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South Carolina's utopia was inspired by John Locke, an English philosopher and physician, widely regarded as one of the most influential of Enlightenment thinkers and commonly known as the "Father of Liberalism".

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South Carolina prospered from the fertility of the lowcountry and the harbors, such as at Charleston.

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At that time South Carolina had the largest population of Jews in the sixteen states of the United States, mostly based in Savannah and Charleston, the latter being the country's fifth largest city.

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In Texas vs White, the Supreme Court ruled the ordinances of secession (including that of South Carolina) were invalid, and thus those states had never left the Union.

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However, South Carolina did not regain representation in Congress until that date.

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South Carolina was the last state to choose its electors in this manner.

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South Carolina was one of several states that initially rejected the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote.

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South Carolina was one of the first states to stop paying for 'early elective' deliveries of babies, under either Medicaid and private insurance.

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On November 20, 2014, South Carolina became the 35th state to legalize same-sex marriages, when a federal court ordered the change.

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The South Carolina Sandhills are interpreted as eolian sand sheets and dunes that were mobilized episodically from approximately 75, 000 to 6, 000 years ago.

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The Chattooga River, on the border between South Carolina and Georgia, is a favorite whitewater rafting destination.

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South Carolina has several major lakes covering over 683 square miles.

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South Carolina is the most seismically active state on the east coast.

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South Carolina has a humid subtropical climate, although high-elevation areas in the Upstate area have fewer subtropical characteristics than areas on the Atlantic coastline.

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Snowfall in South Carolina is minimal in the lower elevation areas south and east of Columbia.

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Memorable hurricanes to hit South Carolina include Hazel, Hugo (1989), and Florence (2018), all Category 4 hurricanes.

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Climate change in South Carolina encompasses the effects of climate change, attributed to man-made increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, in the U S state of South Carolina.

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Studies show that South Carolina is among a string of "Deep South" states that will experience the worst effects of climate change.

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South Carolina released its Climate, Energy, and Commerce Committee Final Report in 2008.

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South Carolina is home to two dominant ecosystems, the bottomlands, which consist of floodplains and creeks, and the toplands.

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South Carolina is home to many shorebirds including various sandpipers and ibises.

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South Carolina is a right-to-work state and many businesses use staffing agencies to temporarily fill positions.

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On secondary roads, South Carolina uses a numbering system to keep track of all non-interstate and primary highways that the South Carolina Department of Transportation maintains.

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South Carolina has 1, 144 K–12 schools in 85 school districts with an enrollment of 712, 244 as of fall 2009.

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In 2015, the national average SAT score was 1490 and the South Carolina average was 1442, 48 points lower than the national average.

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South Carolina is the only state which owns and operates a statewide school bus system.

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South Carolina has diverse institutions from large state-funded research universities to small colleges that cultivate a liberal arts, religious or military tradition.

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South Carolina has historically had a weak executive branch and a strong legislature.

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South Carolina has performing art venues including the Peace Center in Greenville, the Koger Center for the Arts in Columbia, and the Newberry Opera House, among others to bring local, national, and international talent to the stages of South Carolina.

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South Carolina is home to one of NASCAR's first tracks and its first paved speedway, Darlington Raceway, located northwest of Florence.

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