16 Facts About Peace


Peace is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence.

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Peace is not a state of excitement although we are happy when excited, but peace is when one's mind is quiet and satisfied.

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Highest honour awarded to peace makers is the Nobel Prize in Peace, awarded since 1901 by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

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International Gandhi Peace Prize, named after Mahatma Gandhi, is awarded annually by the Government of India.

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Student Peace Prize is awarded biennially to a student or a student organization that has made a significant contribution to promoting peace and human rights.

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Culture of Peace News Network, otherwise known simply as CPNN, is a UN authorized interactive online news network, committed to supporting the global movement for a culture of peace.

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The Sydney Peace Prize is awarded to an organization or an individual whose life and work has demonstrated significant contributions to:The achievement of peace with justice locally, nationally or internationallyThe promotion and attainment of human rightsThe philosophy, language and practice of non-violence.

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Peace museum is a museum that documents historical peace initiatives.

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Smaller institutions include the Randolph Bourne Institute, the McGill Middle East Program of Civil Society and Peace Building and the International Festival of Peace Poetry.

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Peace is central to Judaism's core principle of Moshaich which connotes a time of universal peace and abundance, a time where weapons will be turned into plowshares and lions will sleep with lambs.

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Peace deployed satyagraha techniques in campaigns for Indian independence and during his earlier struggles in South Africa.

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Peace and War Game is an approach in game theory to understand the relationship between peace and conflicts.

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Peace day was founded as a day to recognize, honour and promote peace.

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Peace and conflict studies is an academic field which identifies and analyses violent and nonviolent behaviours, as well as the structural mechanisms attending violent and non-violent social conflicts.

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One variation, Peace studies, is an interdisciplinary effort aiming at the prevention, de-escalation, and solution of conflicts.

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Fragile States Index created by the Fund for Peace focuses on risk for instability or violence in 178 nations.

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